What Does This Mean With Kristin Out? (FPO Breakdown)

Ledgestone Open for FPO was definitely electric but not quite as electric without Kristin Tattar. Missy Gannon dominating the way she did was awe-inspiring and of course Ohn’s putting was absurd. But the event will perhaps leave our minds as the greatest two players, Paige and Kristin are out until worlds. But still a phenomenal finish and a great weekend.

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Credit: @DiscGolfProTour


6 Replies to “What Does This Mean With Kristin Out? (FPO Breakdown)”

  1. margus mägi says:

    This is a question without meaning (but for who is asking). Nobody can`t compete every and each event. And even if one does, this person can't win every and each of them

  2. Kieron McKay says:

    66ft are considered throw ins and not long putts?

  3. She won this last year with Kristen in.

  4. Adam says:

    I feel like you dont know what GOAT means. If two better players aren't at an event, the third best cannot be the GOAT. Words have definitions, please use them appropriately.

  5. jgundlach44 says:

    I’ll watch women’s disc golf when the women are supported.

    Too bad tho, I often enjoy the women more as they are a closer match to my skills. (Er, me to their skills anyway)

    Because we have a generation that seems very confused —-


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