What happened on this PUTT?

21 Replies to “What happened on this PUTT?”

  1. Absolutely gorgeous

  2. Stefon Baas says:

    You real good…just have to learn how to hold a putter correctly

  3. D B says:

    That second shot was an absolute shank

  4. Teed up by an ugly weed🤣

  5. P Gowan says:

    Golf Gods not favoring you

  6. LA Woman says:

    You are soooooo good Gabby. How are you?

  7. FaqUrNwoBS says:

    good luck with that back arc…

  8. bigkiwial says:

    Favorate hole pn the golf course, i bit my tongue….🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  9. blue dog says:

    Hard to say. Lots of good guesses but a close look at the entire ball path to the cup would be the only way to know for sure. The rain, poor divot fix, combination of things 🤷

  10. martsvogue says:

    There were 4 bits of dirt or stones around the hole.. tough shit 😂

  11. CABLE 715 says:

    That's just rude, it was like the hole had a defense grid around it.

  12. TheWalz15 says:

    Why do YouTube golfers always lift there feet off the ground on their drive?

  13. Your smoking 🔥I ❤you 💘😘

  14. just hit the put a tad to hard

  15. The wet ground inhibited the curve of the ball. You would have made that putt with the same line & the same ace if the grass wasn't so wet. Friction, baby, friction.

  16. GrizzBro says:

    Those shoes are sick

  17. Peter L says:

    swing speed is too slow….your only mistake.

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