What Happens in Lisa: The Hopeful? – Full Story Analysis

Beltboy needs a friend.

Based in the setting established by Lisa the Painful creator Dingaling, go on another apocalyptic journey with a band of idiots looking to be the first to find the last living girl.

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0:00 – Intro
3:47 – Game Begins
8:17 – Engine Enthusiasts
12:39 – The Lovelies
19:49 – The Kegger Krew
24:42 – The Sports Dome
36:19 – Cyclops
45:21 – Clyde
50:45 – Lanks
55:53 – Liam
58:39 – Rodriguez Route
1:06:10 – Gar Strings
1:12:46 – Blowout
1:15:44 – Beltboy
1:22:23 – Benny
1:26:05 – Supporter Credits


27 Replies to “What Happens in Lisa: The Hopeful? – Full Story Analysis”

  1. Taco Salad says:

    Well this is was a surprise. Thanks for checking out the game, I really enjoyed the video — especially the discussion of the themes of the story throughout (extra-especially the conclusion at the end). Nothing makes me happier as a creator than a critical analysis and deconstruction of what I tossed into the world.

    Thanks so much again for playing and putting out this video, and I hope you get a chance to enjoy the Hopeless when it's done. I'm excited for people to see it. 🙏

  2. Good stuff, would love more lisa fan game analysis!

  3. Tom Smee says:

    You're doing a great job with these lore videos. You put so much work into the games themselves and it really shines through in your video essays. Can't wait to see what's next.

  4. You should do the sequel Lisa the hopeless it shows what happens after hopeful

  5. Onexinventor says:

    I never realized how many endings and choices make a difference throughout the game, and I think that works with the tagline hopeful that things can change even if slightly?
    I would love to see something like this again with Lisa the Pointless, which i think also has a similar tagline where none of your choices changes how the story ends.
    great video

  6. I love this game, and love you're doing an analysis. Been a fan starting Fear and Hunger.

  7. damn man, that hard-r scene was so fucking gross

  8. barf chunks says:

    omg falling down mention

  9. ancientjudge says:

    absolutely amazing video
    been looking for an analysis like this, thank you

  10. Desned says:

    Hi, I love your videos, can you potentially do a story analysis on lobotomy corporation?

  11. Nil Fox says:

    Great video, I hope you end up covering the other good Lisa Fangames.

  12. And Lisa The Unbreakable?

  13. freshmadgod says:

    Please do more lisa games! Your videos are amazing

  14. Dr Yato says:

    Well thats hillarious that i chose this name

  15. Tiky Gaming says:

    Ok, so you definitely need to make a video about lisa: the pointless SOTWS story

  16. i really enjoyed this breakdown, the guys choose the easier route to not think of the girl as a person and it lead to their tragic end, only beltboy finally dealing with his own trauma and thinking of the girl more as another human being with their own feelings and motivation can there be hope. it's a message often lost because of how loud and chronically online the other messages are. so i'm glad more media like this exist, and for free

  17. Connyyy says:

    Wow, i just discovered this channel and it’s by in far one of the best I’ve seen in a while

  18. Bi0mega says:

    Really hope you cover other LISA fangames. There's surprisingly not that much out there for games that aren't any of the big ones like Hopeful or Pointless and good luck finding a coherent playthrough of something like Brad Has a Pain.

  19. I've only come across you're content fairly recently but your script and narrating skills are amazing!!!! Really looking forward to more content 🙂

  20. Roll Caskett says:

    Love your videos! The way you break down games is really interesting to follow and relaxing to listen to, can't wait for more.

  21. Finzz says:

    "Every step they take is a step in the wrong idirection because their goal is rotten from the start" thats not right nor wrong either…
    after all were just a man searching for some "bitches", but little did we know, what we after is not merely satisfying "what a macho men needs" as you put it.
    but something that we failed to see because our lack of emotional sensitivity that been deeply ingrained in our psyche, something that we hope those "bithces" can understand

    Edit: thanks for making these video. its insightfull

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