What HIGH handicap golf looks like… (EVERY SHOT)

Welcome back golfers! Today, I’m playing at Takapuna trying to get a good score and complete some high handicap challenges along the way.

Lazrus Wedges: https://www.lazrusgolf.com/?rfsn=7033992.d3231b

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11 Replies to “What HIGH handicap golf looks like… (EVERY SHOT)”

  1. Bubba Jones says:

    Good to see you back again.

  2. Agree with Ryan C, FIR and GIR goals and maybe X number of +3s? Nice video!

  3. Dee Snow says:

    Seems more like MID handicap golf. If you play on public courses, +7 after 9 holes isn't too bad.

  4. Yeah cool vid. Nice challenge idea 😊

  5. Ryan C says:

    I think future challenges could include achieving a number of FIR and GIR per round, easy challenge to scale up as you get better as well!

  6. Dave Carlson says:

    Good round, Jack. You're really improving. Keep it up.

  7. Terry Boyd says:

    What handicap are you?, If you can hit 8 iron 168 yards.

  8. You hit your irons really far! Once you get the consistency lined out you’re going to be a shark! Earned a new sub!!

  9. Boston Nate says:

    All I can see really is hinge those wrists and shift your weight really hit through the ball don’t swipe. I’m not much better lol I can just speak it. Your consistent with all clubs which is huge

  10. jcgolf says:

    nice round 😎👍

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