What to expect form your first round of golf

** Apologies for the audio. Who knew it was so windy in Ireland! We’re making arrangements to re-film **

Golf is booming!! If you’re finding the game for the first time, or return after a few years away, what should you expect from your first round of golf in a while, or EVER?

In this video Donal plays a round at his local club to point out some fundamentals of playing 18 holes.

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15 Replies to “What to expect form your first round of golf”

  1. Cloudminster says:

    I played badly for years and look back at it as a massive waste of time! Even a 9 hole game is half a day once all things are accounted for.

  2. Ambercrombie says:

    Can barely hear you!

  3. Jake Hatcher says:

    Thanks for the vid I play 9 holes tomorrow so excited

  4. RKB Videos says:

    I play golf quite often, lessons, coaches etc. figured this would be funny to watch

  5. The most informational video on youtube

  6. Great videos , sound is always terrible though

  7. Bro, get a portable microphone; if you are a youtuber, sure you can afford it.

  8. I'm just starting, and wanted to thank you for this video. You seem so friendly and inviting, great tips!

  9. Mr. M says:

    Beginner golfer here, already in love with the game. Just wanted to say how much I appreciate your videos. They’re thorough, explanatory, and extremely helpful.
    Happily subscribed 👍

  10. Valkyrie says:

    Thank you very much, really educational and helpful!

  11. MikeJames says:

    Great video, I’m going to a course for the first time Saturday and I couldn’t be more excited

  12. J.R. Ley says:

    Solid advice, cheers!

  13. What great tips, Donal! Thank you!

    I am going out for my first round this Saturday with a number of other beginners. We are five weeks into our 8-week clinic and it's been an awesome experience.

    I have played three non-serious rounds where my husband was really paying attention to my ability (or inability) to hit the ball cleanly from various lies (mostly bad ones!). I think we counted 114 on the very first go with many shots wasted (this was before I signed up for the clinic) and I think I'll be able to bring it down a little bit with the lessons (and some driving range sessions) now under my belt. This coming round will go towards obtaining a handicap.

    I'm scared, thrilled, nervous and excited all at once but I'm looking forward to the experience and I'm going to go out there and have fun. I might lose all my balls on Saturday but if I hit one good drive or land a wedge shot where I want it to go (my 56° and I have become best friends), then I'll have had a successful day.

    Thank you for all your videos. I watch them all the time and I'm always impatient waiting for the new ones to come through. 🤣 Keep them coming. As the poster above put it, this channel is really underrated.

    Best wishes,

  14. Ali76 says:

    Super underrated channel. Great videos.

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