What to Wear for Summer Fun – from golf to paddle boarding to pickleball

What are your summer fun activewear go to’s? Are they as versatile as you would like them to be? Are you a find-my-inner-peace-through-paddleboarding mermaid like me? Have you found yourself trying out other sports like golf or pickleball? Did you know the same basic pieces could be used for both? And many other fun-in-the-sun summer sports. (AKA tennis, hiking, walking, running, kayaking, jai alai, squash, fill in the blank….). Who knows which sports you are apt to try once you have the versatile pieces that will transition as you do.
In the video I show you the basics to start with and the more sport-specific pieces to add later.
1. Start with a sport skirt and tank made from quick-drying fabric. It will look like a golf skirt when golfing but can also double as a flattering swim skirt that dries quickly for paddleboarding, boating, and hiking in case you feel the need to jump in the lake. Sunglasses and a great sun hat will work well for multiple activities, a neck strap is a plus in case the wind decides to pick up. It never hurts to have a winder breaker, and I love those that fold up into an easy-to-pack pouch. Don’t forget a sunny necklace and light-weight earrings (with backs that won’t come off in the water). ​
2. Add more sport specific details.
As a golf beginner, I am perfectly happy swinging the club at city or municiple courses where there is no strict dress code. For country clubs you will need a shirt with a collar. Add golf shoes, golf glove, (and possibly a hair bow if you’re really wanting to look legit lol).
For boating, feel free to add bikini bottoms to the tank or swimsuit and water sandals.
For tennis, pickleball add the right shoes, visor, and a sweat band. A tank dress is also great here. ​
For hiking add a bandana & hiking shoes (although your water sandals could work hiking in a pinch).
3. Finish it off with sun protection. You may choose something tinted on the face to blend in differences in your skin coloration.

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