What You Can Copy from Jon Rahm’s QUIET HANDS…

►What you can learn from the world number 1 Jon Rahm.

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Andy Carter’s coaching style is aimed to be simple and informative to help you
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The content you will find on this YouTube channel will be informative golf tips that will help you improve not only your golf swing but your golf game in the sole purpose of lowering your scores and enjoying golf more & more.
Other content will include golf club reviews and golf accessories which can help you improve your understanding of what to buy as the market is constantly changing and being saturated by brands.
A lot of the content you will find on the channel is of Andy Carter being out on the golf course showcasing real-life scenarios and shot that all golfers will encounter on the course. If you can improve these areas of your game then for sure scores will lower.
Popular content throughout the years has been golf course vlogs,with Andy either playing against the golf course in his Carter vs Golf series, or playing against fellow PGA professionals, Tour professionals and even amateurs. This content is not only a great watch but also a great learning experience for viewers.

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16 Replies to “What You Can Copy from Jon Rahm’s QUIET HANDS…”

  1. W S says:

    Go figure the golf tip actually works.

  2. Bolide says:

    Per John Rahm, who was born with a club right foot, which required being broken, cast and recast: "So, I learned at a very young age that I'm going to be more efficient at creating power and be consistent from a short swing. If I take a full to parallel, yeah, it might create more speed, but I have no stability. My ankle just can't take it."

  3. Vertigo Bear says:

    a very handsome man

  4. Pearie Jones says:

    Excellent work here! Mid to short irons I always put in that position! You using those new Mizuno irons?

  5. Chris Golfer says:

    A very constructive video Andy. I am one of those that finds myself swaying back on the backswing, playing today so I will really concentrate on the tips you have given, thank you.

  6. Liam Daniell says:

    great video as always. Very funny, almost as if your having an epiphany, that your a good coach and your tips do work!🙂 💯 true. I will be rehearsing these tips before my two comps next week. 🫤

  7. David DeKing says:

    Another great set of tips. Tip 2 reminds me of Dana Quigley's swing. I had the pleasure of playing in a Pro-Am in 2001 with him and I was surprised that his swing was short. But Dana could crush the ball, so it was a little humbling to be playing with a 50+ year old man who was hitting 30 yards past the rest of the foursome. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Joel Brown says:

    The reason Rahm's swing is the way it is, is due to his being born with a club foot. His right ankle lacks the mobility to allow him a longer backswing. If you watch his feet, his back foot is square because he can't rotate the ankle very much. His swing is built that way due to his body. Probably a good lesson that we need to find our own swing (based on certain fundamentals, of course).

  9. Its quit funny that you seems suprised over your own tips….🤣🤣🤣

  10. Greg Leavitt says:

    I've always had a short backswing and have taken many years of 💩 for it. For that reason, alone, I'm so happy to see Rahm dominate the game. He seems to be an excellent human being as well, from all of the interviews and vlogs I've seen him in. Another thing that has plagued me over the years is playing with a fade. "It doesn't go as far", "You should play with a draw", and on and on. I get it. Sure. Points taken. Well, it's equally as nice to see many tour pros rockin' a fade these days. As Ben Hogan once said, "A great swing is born in the dirt." That means ya gotta find it for yourself, ya gotta grind, and you shouldn't be afraid to try new things. As with all of life, most of our best lessons are learned from mishaps and mistakes. Anyway, rock on, Andy! Excellent tips.

  11. A classic Head Down Rant(tm) by Carter. Perfection.

  12. Paul Stables says:

    I have a 3/4 swing and not very mobile I wonder if the ball back of centre will do me good cheers Andy 👌

  13. Again great content. It is original, different and smart👍

  14. Andy Moore says:

    I heard Jon Rahm was born with a club foot so he has a short backswing since childhood.

  15. He's the best player of half of the players. Have you seen the Liv order of merit. There are no pga players to be seen Strange that😊

  16. Clearly if there are no Liv players to stop him hes got no competition so hes going to be number one.😂 Have you seen the number of unknown players who are now winning tournaments in the pga who were nowhere near before LIV.

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