What’s A "Let That Sink In Fun" Fact

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23 Replies to “What’s A "Let That Sink In Fun" Fact”

  1. The largest star is actually Stephenson 2-18

  2. Jacob Staten says:

    1:42 I was listening instead of watching, and had to double back to realize you meant "AD." You keep adding the superfluous "E" to "BC" only about half the time.

  3. DaZebraffe says:

    11:20 Not entirely accurate. Every color of Froot Loop has the exact same flavor ingredients, but the ingredients added for color do actually have flavor to them, and it's different from color to color. So there actually are, in fact, tiny, subtle differences in flavor between colors of Froot Loops.

  4. DaZebraffe says:

    11:03 No. No, they do not. This "fact" is based on all those rumors that milk contains pus and/or blood, so the implication is that the milk used to make chocolate milk contains too much of one or the other-or both-to be sold as normal milk. But the fact of the matter is, if a farmer's milk contains LITERALLY ANY of either thing, it gets dumped down the drain and the farmer has to pay the cost of replacing that milk. No milk you buy in any store-flavored or otherwise-contains any trace of blood, pus, hormones, bacteria, other pathogens, or antibiotics.

  5. DaZebraffe says:

    Our sense of smell works by inhaling tiny particles of the thing we're smelling, as they're floating around in the air, and having our scent-detecting cells analyze their chemical makeup. That means that everything you've ever smelled, you have absored a tiny part of it into your body. Literally. Every. Thing.

  6. ericb31 says:

    a scary fact i read in a fan-story:
    THOUSANDS of times in human history, a country or kingdom decided to use "fiat" currency, paper money with no physical assets backing it up.
    EVERY SINGLE TIME, they suffered total economic collapse because of inflation.

    more than half the world currently uses US dollars, which is a FIAT currency .

    there's a scene in the Tom Clancy novel, "debt of honor", where a rich Japanese guy, who hates America, tries to intentionally devalue US Dollars by meddling with an international currency exchange, AND causing the american stock exchange to crash.

  7. Actually we aren't donuts. We are more like a Menorah. Yes, the mouth is connected to the butt. But our two nostrils are connected to the mouth, so our nostrils are connected to our butt.

    Also, did you ever wondered why you had a runny nose when you cried ? It's because there are two (tiny) canals going from each eye to your nose, used to discharge the "excess" tears. So yeah, when you have a runny nose because you cried, you have a nose full of tears. And since those canals are connected to your nose, they are subsequently connected to our butts.

    So, your nose, your eyes and your butt form one, long, cavity.

    There's a Vsauce video about that (where I learned it, actually) : https://youtu.be/egEraZP9yXQ

  8. Whoever said the cigarette lighter was invented before the match and the cigarette The cigarette lighter was made in 1823 Cigarettes were made around 1760 Add matches were made around 577 AD

  9. Akalistos says:

    The most recited number of death during the Holocaust (if we are speaking of WWII) is 6,000.
    6,000÷60min (min in hours) = 100h
    100h÷24h (hours in a day) = 4.16 days.
    Idiot + bad at math = being ridiculed by the internet.

    Edit: Oh, wait. That's Jewish math. I get it now. OMEGALOL.

  10. Andy Howard says:

    The 1 minute of silence for everyone who died in the Holocaust is a sobering fact

  11. I’m putting down a bath mat in my shower.

  12. The egg actually choses the best spermcell, so you are for a fact the best you could be.

  13. J Kusuma says:

    …wait- so iphone could have flew people to the moon back then?

  14. Ken Fullman says:

    So, "Egyptians" were the people that built the pyramids so they don't exist anymore. So who are those people that live in Egypt today? So much ignorance.

    Egyptians had pyramids, Egyptians were around at the same time as Romans, Egyptians are still around to this day!

  15. Mistydolphin says:

    When you really think about it, night is the natural state of the universe. The only reason we have day at all is because Earth orbits the sun.

    The creator of the Pringles can was buried in 1.

    Bananas are berries. While strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries are not.

  16. Was actually just arguing how improbable aliens are on earth with my boss, the Fermi paradox is the truth, imo of course

  17. Notruto and bustois

  18. Endy says:

    1 in 200 trillion chance of being me?!?! My luck is GARBAGE bro…

  19. Story 13: a 20' equivalent (TEU) container

  20. To those who grew up in the '80s: Men without Hats are twice as old now as the Beatles were back then. Aren't we the old f*rts!

  21. Statistically speaking, we are all descended from Genghis Khan.

  22. here's a not to fun fact that I learned…and now all who sees this comment will have to share in this suffering with me.
    Child marriage is legal in almost all 50 states of the good ol USA. All you need is a parent's signed permission and some other legalities.

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