What's In Johnny Wunder's Golf Bag For 2023 \ World of Wunder

Johnny Wunder takes a deep dive into his new bag ahead of the spring and summer seasons. He walks through his favorite clubs and even reveals what he believes is the most important part of his bag in this special edition of World of Wunder.

Take a look for yourself and see what Wunder is gaming in 2023.


16 Replies to “What's In Johnny Wunder's Golf Bag For 2023 \ World of Wunder”

  1. RCouchy says:

    crazy you have gone from 60tx to stiff shafts

  2. Have they changed the DG 120 shaft badges to match the regular DG Tour Issue?

  3. Skippy says:

    tcb inventory is low on the website whats up

  4. Nicola Lewin says:

    Awesome bag Johnny!

  5. Kurt Rule says:

    Love my apex 21, awesome setup man!

  6. Good stuff, J-Dub and team!

  7. Nice setup Johny, great video like always. Quick question where you get the putter headcover. Thanks

  8. Clean bag, really dig it. I love my X Forged CB's. But those TCB's are always tempting.

  9. k9feces says:

    Callaway has the best lineup

  10. How can I get that putter grip?

  11. Jim Farrell says:

    Nice set up this year, thank you.

  12. URINETROUBLE says:

    Who gives a shit what this Dork uses? Is he winning regularly on the PGA? No!!!!!! Who cares!!!!

  13. Loving the mix of Apex irons 👌🏼

  14. Ssubotai says:

    What was the main reason for dropping Rogue ST pro irons?

  15. I’ve been thinking about doing the combo set with the tcb and apex forged but I also was considering doing rogue pro and apex forged combo set because of the lofts being the same I do overall love your set up great insight great video

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