WHAT'S IN THE BAG?…GOLF CLUBS FROM £40! #golf #golfclubs #witb

What’s in the bag? #golf #golfclubs #witb

It’s time to pay for my NEW MIZUNO 223 PRO IRONS, so I’m selling some of my old golf clubs!

I have used golf clubs for sale from £40! Right handed and left handed!
Grab a bargain!!!

Gary Martin
01484 426 203
Huddersfield Golf Club (PRO SHOP)
Fixby Hall

Cash on collection or Card Payments accepted over the phone *DELIVERY ADDRESS MUST MATCH THE CARD.

Welcome to Gary Martin Golf, I am a PGA Professional based at Huddersfield Golf Club, West Yorkshire. I started my YouTube channel during lockdown whilst being Ferloughed and unable to work.

My goal is to be the peoples golf YouTuber. All my help and advise unbiased with our subscribers best interest at heart. I want to share my knowledge and understanding of golf and golf products, to help other golfers avoid making all the mistakes I did in my 20 years playing and working within golf!

It’s free to get on board, hit the subscribe button, and let’s share all our golfing moments together!

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Thank you for watching!


15 Replies to “WHAT'S IN THE BAG?…GOLF CLUBS FROM £40! #golf #golfclubs #witb”

  1. Outstanding bargains Gaz for both left and right handed players, always good seeing and hearing Tom and you need to play a match against him and also have him on the channel more

  2. Joe Stuart says:

    Gary, not sure if you are aware, but Titleist bought new, have the tightest specs of the top level manufacturers.

  3. James Walker says:

    I bought an MP221/223 blended set (221 7-PW 223 5&6)at the end of last year. During the fitting I smashed them. I then injured my elbow and couldn't play for 2 months. When I started again, I couldn't hit them for love nor money. Also thought what have I done. Stick with them because the feeling from the pured shots is amazing and now I wouldn't change them. Just in the process of adding a MP225 4 iron to the set.

  4. Vivek P. says:

    Bloody great prices, mate. Pity the blades are 2 degrees upright as I play 2 degrees flat 😢!!

  5. greeners13 says:

    Hi Gary, loving the YouTube vids. I don’t suppose you’ve got any deals on Ping G410 fairways please?

  6. Barnaby Howe says:

    Hi Gaz. Having recently taken delivery of my new irons I did the quality checking you mentioned in your last video. It was perfect timing for me! Pleased to say my Srixon ZX7s mk II were perfect as well. Got nothing else to compare it to but seems these Japanese manufacturers have got it spot on.

  7. Told ya
    Them mizzi will be in my bag soon 😂😂
    Cracking vid again pal

  8. Hi Gary a quick question I have a set of Wilson staff model blades they are prototype should I play them or put them away and keep them
    Thanks Stephen

  9. AVDFI1961 says:

    Give 'em wings!

  10. Roy Close says:

    Love rusty wedges gaz and who s eating there dinner lol 😆

  11. Ivan Camphor says:

    Love the off the cuff casual banter… Refreshing

  12. Can I buy the pancil bag please

  13. YEBOAH says:

    is the 15 degree titleist hybrid still for sale ?

  14. Gaz do you sell Titleist adjustment tools?

  15. Joe Bloggs says:

    Gaz ive got the mizuno pro 223 irons as well, first set I was fitted for and they're delightful!

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