What’s my favorite song? @merrickhanna #shorts

36 Replies to “What’s my favorite song? @merrickhanna #shorts”

  1. Cg5 is weirdddd👹

  2. Vujea says:

    Bro that boy have a his music about grimace shake

  3. I think my was i just got the grimes shak

  4. Change your yt name to cg6 for like a month and see every freak out plz

  5. Ber skibidi dop dop yes…

  6. Judfrog says:

    You sound a lot like cg5

  7. Cg5 you should make a Mandela catalogue song

  8. urlocalrat says:

    Can you make a song of the legend of Zelda tears of the kingdom please?

  9. sc6ut says:

    Yo you sound like cg5

  10. SOME_ONE says:

    You sound like that guy from CG five🤩

  11. The grimace song you made was actually kinda good

  12. Bianca says:

    The song is amazing

  13. Windy says:

    Youtuber Charlie green 5 meets Merrick

    also I just saw cg5 say "NO I AM!"

  14. Man this guy sounds so much like cg5

  15. Make a song about airsoft

  16. Cg5 I dare you to do a stream and review all the BFDI or Battle for Dream Island songs plzz

  17. Pls do a Hamilton related thing

  18. Please do a Hamilton
    Related thing

  19. Pls do a Hamilton related song

  20. mine is alive cg5 and pied piper cg5

  21. Dominic Esau says:

    "Mario in the corner" Pointing at something

  22. Danny Huynh says:


  23. Bryan Garcia says:

    Mine is mad hatter.bad blood by taler swift.

  24. coldgarden says:

    You look like CG5?🤷‍♀️

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