What's NEW in Las Vegas for AUGUST 2023!

This is the August 2023 news update for Las Vegas! In this video, we cover all the hotel and casino news, updates, rumors, events, construction, and more!

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22 Replies to “What's NEW in Las Vegas for AUGUST 2023!”

  1. Travel Ruby says:

    Slot Group Pull Announcement!

    August 13th at Downtown Grand Las Vegas!

    Sign-up Now: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/688172351027

  2. DD Bliss says:

    Haven’t been to Vegas for a good decade .. thought Aug is still a busy month despite of the heat .. Used to visit there probably at least twice a year for a decade before last … really a great deal from Bay Area .. cheap packages 2-4 nights flying SWA from Oakland .. Not much of a gambler .. fortunately I’m the minority or else Vagas would not have thrived without gamblers’ money .. Kids used to love going there .. many times over .. easy short flights .. cheap car rental like $20 a day .. free parking everywhere including valet … $1 tip was the norm .. Cheap prime ribs were our menu at least twice during every visit … driving along the strip was great

  3. MeaslyKatt says:

    Omg! I would LOVE to see a Christmas 🎄 Themed room!!!!

  4. Jeremy Liu says:

    I genuinely hope some place will keep their free parking smh

  5. Brenda Lara says:

    When will be the F1??

  6. You tell them that people will bring suitcases to get their FILL. Caesars u r getting so corporate it's not GOOD
    I'm glad I don't work there. Cause I would have to Bitch.

  7. Shazzy E says:

    The Rio needs LOTS of help.

  8. There are a lot of Cuban Restaurants in Vegas!!!! Havana Grill, Cuban Cafe and many more

  9. Sean OBrien says:

    Hi, Travel Ruby and Mr. Ruby…, Even with the heat…, the raising prices, especially on "The Strip" have me very angry and mad ! ! It's almost like…, Las Vegas Hotels & Casinos, restaurants, and bars, don't want loyal tourists and new tourists… * "Ruby"…, an excellent video and very informative and thank you for sharing the video… "Semper Fi" Mike in Montana 🙂

  10. Justin's IRL says:

    Vegas never disappoints 😂

  11. Susan Wang says:

    Am a MGM Rewards member as well, and yes got an email regarding using points at Cosmopolitan Feb2024.

  12. I will not come back there as long as they take off the resorts fee in all hotels😂😂😂😂

  13. Mike T says:

    buffet at Ceasars wasn't worth the price to me, its has great food presentation but nothing special and for that price, one should expect king crab at the very least

  14. As a Brit from a cold rainy part of the UK…is the heat as unbearable as it sounds? Due to be coming in August but the heat is worrying me a bit.
    I’ve heard stories that you can’t even walk to the hotel next door, people’s shoes melting on the pavements etc 🤯
    Will we have to stay inside the whole time?

  15. Melissa2087 says:

    I loveeee whataburger. We don't have those in NJ but it is SO good

  16. Leslie Yeung says:

    So the strip is close during F1 events
    Omg thanks for info
    I book my comp during that week but I’m not here for F1 , I guess I need to reschedule 🤯

  17. M Li says:

    Bacchanal is just not worthy….so expensive. How much food can you eat within 90 min?

  18. M Li says:

    Parking is charged everywhere in LV now…I don’t even want to bring my car to LV.

  19. How's the weather in end of Aug around 26th Aug???? We are there at that time

  20. Alex Soto says:

    OMGOSH I need to stay in the Christmas suite!

  21. Tammy Bell says:

    Isn't Bally's the Horseshoe now?

  22. David says:

    Awesome channel Staying at Aria and Cosmo week of Aug 20!!

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