What’s Shoes Got To Do with Golf? (Explained by Chiropractor) | Seniors Must Do (Ep. 2)

Powerful swing starts from ground up. If you have a good footwork and a good balance, these are the key points to a powerful swing. However, if your stability is off, you won’t be able to maximize your power or the turn, and you will end up compensating to ruin your swing. Let’s check our shoes, foot work, and balance, in order to maximize our performance on the golf course!

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6 Replies to “What’s Shoes Got To Do with Golf? (Explained by Chiropractor) | Seniors Must Do (Ep. 2)”

  1. says:

    이거 다들 무심코 넘어가지만 정말 중요한 거예요. 최근에 10년 넘게 신던 신발 찢어져서 새로 샀는데 몇백만짜리 클럽으로도 안 바뀌던 게 바로 해결되었습니다.

  2. Spikeless tip is a good one and makes sense.

  3. golinin says:

    Thank you for another very informative tip.
    Good Aimee.

  4. Thank you…. got new shoes this year thinking about my old body. Did get some good one that help stability. Well, I guess or think so.

  5. D_Range 211 says:

    Any recommendations?

  6. Pat Can Bros says:

    Hello Aimee

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