When It’s Your First Time Golfing…

Golfing for the first time.

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35 Replies to “When It’s Your First Time Golfing…”

  1. Raw space says:

    "Ahh, dang, im like 8 feet away."

  2. "Never been good with my R's…." hahahaha

  3. DJ Pache says:

    This video is so good!🤣

  4. baits says:

    this is your best vid ever😂😂😂😂

  5. k2lando says:

    when i was little i hit a shot and yelled "1!!" and then kept counting up everytime i hit

  6. Yo my high school basketball concessions had Rocky Rococo pizza slices

  7. $60 dollars?!?! After the first big mishit i am only playing junk balls, no way am i gonna lose 10 $6 golf balls.

  8. Joel Gervasi says:

    I get a rule every 10 seconds when I’m with you 😂

  9. Tony says:

    Fringe Fries is a good idea actually.

  10. She's a 7 but a Midwest 8.. 😂

  11. fathers day sale dont even have to be a father lmaoooo

  12. Myke M says:

    Jake is genuinely killing it in these videos

  13. Banjo says:

    “Midwest 8” 😂😂

  14. Bob Smoot says:

    A Midwest 8, great parody.

  15. Being a new golfer, this is perfectly done! 🤣

  16. ok the cart brakes is true for everyone

  17. Tyler says:

    "That was a $6 golf ball"
    "You lost $60 today"
    I woulda snapped for sure if someone said that to me.

  18. "Loved your work in saving private ryan" is hilarious because that's like all most veterans did lol

  19. The fact that he just sits on the green too

  20. Between Adams, Bombtech, slippery frog, PXG, and Pinemeadow, which do you think is the best janky ass club manufacturer?

  21. That persimmon club tho

  22. Absolutely great!!!you made me laugh…and all so true!thank you!

  23. Drfruitpunch says:

    The "Can I try that" with the Pro V got me haha

  24. GeekNation says:

    no ones ever given just let me have a 1 putt off before

  25. chris mellon says:

    he broke 90 lol thts funny!!!

  26. a says:

    nobody putts like that lol

  27. MODernRAIDER says:

    Whataburger is great. Texas raised and I have a hat😂

  28. Tyler Combs says:

    When he said 84 and then went silent was hilarious. 96

  29. 😂😂😂 that’s like a “B”

  30. That was a ProV1!
    What's that? Like some sort of graphic calculator!?

    At last, I have found my people!

  31. Ryan Jackson says:

    This is almost funny

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