When Nature Gets Curious: Black Bear's Golf Club Bag Heist #shorts

A curious black bear has gone viral after having a run-in with golf players and stealing a bag of clubs.

#blackbear #golf #caughtoncamera

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9 Replies to “When Nature Gets Curious: Black Bear's Golf Club Bag Heist #shorts”

  1. Scott Frix says:

    The bear wanted a club sandwich 🥪😀

  2. Donna Adkins says:

    He had to have had something in that bag that smelled “YUMMY”😋😋😋

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  4. SB1970 says:

    And he should have let the Bear have the Bag or threw him a sandwich

  5. SB1970 says:

    We see them on the course all the time in Whitefish Montana and sometimes they are Huge 😳 Never keep food on your Cart 🤦‍♂️

  6. If you live in an area with bears, just have a designated food bag

  7. davethecow says:

    He only needs a new bag and a putter at least he has his other clubs

  8. CD234 says:

    Lesson learned: don’t keep food in things when bears are around.

  9. Why does the bear even care about the bag???

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