Who Should use the Mizuno JPX 923 Tour and Forged Irons

In this video I try the new Mizuno JPX Tour and Forged irons and see how they compare to the Mizuno Pro line including the 221, 223, and 225.

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15 Replies to “Who Should use the Mizuno JPX 923 Tour and Forged Irons”

  1. Don Sloan says:

    Thanks for the comparisons and the straightforward 'if you're X, you should be considering these' approach.

  2. John Brodnik says:

    I ordered a 923 Tour 8 iron with a DG105 shaft for testing. Nice looking iron!

    Overall I thinks it’s a good iron. Comparing it to other iterations like the 33,66,69, Jpx919 tours, I don’t see the copper “feel thing”. The older versions above are definitively wonderful feeling irons.

    I finally switched over to Miuras’ and pretty sure I won’t be back with Mizuno until they actually manufacture something like a CB iron like the MP 64.

    They certainly cater to the “how far do you hit your 7 iron group with what?, how many hot metal distance irons now??

    Just sayin’

  3. Master Toxos says:

    I am a 21 handicap and went to a fitting. Weirdly enough, the 923 tours were the best irons I was able to hit. Nice distance, great spin and near perfect descent angle. Just worried about the high handicap mishits… I naturally hit the ball lower and have been working hard at hitting higher but these irons just made my swing work.

  4. Adam Kendra says:

    Do you feel the 923 forged would blend well as a longer iron option with the 225? Only reason I ask is I have the 225’s and feel the distance gapping could be a bit more consistent after the 7 iron through the 4 iron

  5. Another awesome video

  6. C Kramer says:

    I know this is off topic, but have you ever assembled any Maltby forged wedges… would you recommend them?

  7. 921Sel for us lefties is forged at 4&5 and tour 6 down. Sucks being south paw!

  8. Paul McGee says:

    Nice review. Totally agree a great set would be Forged and HL as you said.

  9. BoilerTimmay says:

    The 923 Forged are kind of a split set anyways. Did you hit the 8i 1025 mild steel, or the other scoring clubs?

  10. Cryptonomics says:

    Still hitting my MP-18's .. Love em. I have 2 sets of MP-32's that just sit, but may pull 1 of em back out this year after re-gripping. Thanks for the bike pump regrip vid!

  11. AJ, I think your review of the Mizuno irons are spot on. Keep up the good work. Cheers.

  12. Terrific review and spot on, AJ. I think the bigger questions is, who aren't these irons for? Anyone who owns models in the last two years does not need the newer Mizunos…at all. The past two years are simply reiterations of past iron models that have ZERO measured changes, other than LOFT. So if you think you need new Mizuno irons, you don't. Bring your current Mizunos to a reputable club fitter, like AJ, and have your lofts bent. And there you go, you now have new Mizunos. Seriously, save your money until something truly revolutionary is produced. In the meantime, spend some money on lessons if you're looking to improve your game.

  13. I would like your comment about project x ls 6.0 120g vs dynamic gold s300 120g. What difference I can find using pro 225 head. Thanks in advance

  14. Great review like always, very helpful

  15. M Fluentz says:

    Run bird 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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