Why I prefer PE or Braided Line for Bait Finesse Fishing – BFS

Why I prefer PE or Braided Line for Bait Finesse Fishing – BFS. So far my favorite lines are from Varivas. I simply just use their all rounder Varivas 4 or Varivas 8 PE line. If you are in doubt, start at 0.6 Gou!

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11 Replies to “Why I prefer PE or Braided Line for Bait Finesse Fishing – BFS”

  1. Rworld says:

    For the longest time I've always used Sufix 131 4lb test for BFS mainline. By far the most abrasion resistant line I've used. The true break strength is closer to 9lb test.

    Currently I'm trying out other lines. Sunline X Plasma Asegai at P.E 0.6 is so far satisfactory. Trying the P.E0.8 one next.

  2. K L says:

    We are on the same page for mainline, I was wondering how long is your leader?

  3. Another great video buddy! Some good helpful information! Keep up the good work. And as always, #raWrFishing rocks!!!

  4. Greyson says:

    What’s your favorite braided line

  5. I just got the Phenix Classic BFS and I can't tie leader knots without it getting snagged in the micro guides. So, I've been thinking of going straight mono or flouro 4lb to 6lb range.

  6. I never heard of this tri polymer line, I'm curious what that is, and what is this PE line? Is this a variation of braided line?

  7. I prefer power pro braid lines for everything I use. I usually use 8lb for BFS but I had even thinner lines before but they do break easier. Not from the fish but from like abresions

  8. Glad you got a chance to use the tri polymer. I have used it and really like it. Its my favorite mono so far. I did get some Varivas mono and braid recently as well. I will compare the varivas and the kastking mono later on. I did get the green BFS trout PE 0.6 and the 0.08. I have a Zephyr and Elf I hope to put to good use.

  9. OCD Fishing says:

    Great vid I love kastking silky8 I want to try varivas though

  10. The DWU is a great reel beats my micro monster , spro freestyle , Kastking zephyr and DMK Alphas easyly. With thinn braided line from Varivas or Kingdom it is really dream to cast light lures. You are absolutly right Jimmy !

  11. Peter Lee says:

    Briad is easier to cast but im to lazy to tie leader knots lol

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