Why I'm Obsessed With Hitting a Fade and Don't Play a Draw

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  1. I really little this video. Some might think it doesn’t matter. But I can certainly identify with this issue. Just moving into a fade myself and it feels good to take a big cut and place it on the number. But equally so to place a smooth fade into scoring position. My draw can feel a bit wild. And my duck hooks come from being too shallow and too inside. My fix is to hit the button on every shot possible. Which is to hit the exact back of the ball. No matter the shot shape. Hitting from setup and letting the club eat(work). I also find that placing a much needed importance on the finish. To be in balance is huge. I sometimes rehearse the swing into the finish position and hold for affect or muscle memory. I think the finish is under estimated. I’ve been made fun of for holding it during a round. But I do it anyway. To leave an impression on my own muscle memory. Good luck and Thank you. I’m a 52 year old guy who is strong but just found golf about 3 years ago. So I don’t have a great deal of time to craft a last game. But I can still have a blast playing better golf.

  2. Serco says:

    Excellent.. thought provoking as always

  3. A lot of pros play a fade with the driver and long irons and draw the mid to low irons.

  4. Bend the blades flat then. Easy fix

  5. “Obsessed” is an understatement Gabe 🤣 – You’re leaning towards POSSESSED brotha !

  6. Sean Cook says:

    Definatly a TXG full bag fitting session is required!

  7. Ethan Morris says:

    ‘The Hard 90’
    By Zach Sorenson
    Is a great mental book I think you should check out

  8. Really interesting video. You've a really good systematic plan to hit your goals, very good logic in everything you are doing. I started using the idea of swinging with my core and had amazing results at the last 3 range sessions as well as a stretch of level par for 7 holes on both the front and back 9 on the course last weekend. 6 greens in regulation in a row and straight irons all day. It really works

  9. Jeff Jones says:

    I like this idea a lot. Really simplifies things by eliminating that part.

  10. Inspiring stuff! Good luck with the iron change.

  11. Ali Pajooman says:

    One shot shape is the way to go for sure. Gotta be able to trust your shot pattern when being aggressive…. To the center of the green! Just wait until speed training starts.

  12. daniel watts says:

    Very interesting. Great that youre seeing the results, seriously impressive ball speed numbers! Keep it going.
    Good drill I was trying today. 10 balls, from 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 yards. Finish them out with the putter. 10 to 30 yards are par 2s and 30 to 60 par 3. See how you score. I quit at the 40 yards 🙈 but found a weakness… so that's a win. Learn fast, fix fast!!

  13. Ross Ayres says:

    Sounds like a club fitting required Gabe.

  14. Ryan D. says:

    This is the EXACT reason I push to play a fade over my natural draw. I hang back too much in my draw sometimes and it gets "lazy" which can lead to some larger swinging draws that I don't care for. Straight or slight fade is my preference. It's hard to explain this to other people I golf with who would die for a draw.

  15. If you need help hitting a fade (slice) come watch me.. 90 degrees right on the regular. #stilltryingtobreak95
    Loving the blogs

  16. Golf Mad says:

    Would love to have 1 shot shape! Unfortunately I’m a 2 way miss 🤣🤣

  17. RJ Miller says:

    I bet you the lie angle is flat on your 501 6 iron based on the dispersion chart from yesterday. Lie angles and lofts can change hitting off mats, especially as much as you hit balls. Probably should be getting lofts and lies checked monthly for you.

    get the muiras bent 1-2* flat and just adjust the loft on the 4-5 iron to get your distance gapped properly.

    Love the videos

  18. Lawn Tips says:

    Love the breakdowns and chats man! Keep up these vlogs, I’ve loved all of them.

  19. Dan Sapp says:

    quick question about the fade. do you think the fade is the same swing as the draw only moving the body more left through impact. in your feels that is?

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