Why is the LIV / PGA Tour Rivalry STILL Heating Up?

If the PGA TOUR and LIV Golf are planning to merge into one entity, then why does it still seem like their rivalry is heating up, …


8 Replies to “Why is the LIV / PGA Tour Rivalry STILL Heating Up?”

  1. It’s a nail in the coffin for bifurcation, or a separate set of rules. This just means the rules makers will likely roll the ball and equipment back for everyone as they should have from the beginning; as they did with grooves and anchoring. That’s what I see happening.

    Disciplinary action and giving loyalists money for nothing is just further proof of poor leadership.

  2. KP1210 says:

    Need to play sand hollow in St George UT and Wolf Creek in Mesquite NV! About an hour away from each other!

  3. Minesh Jogia says:

    Why is the LIV / PGA Tour Rivalry STILL Heating Up? real easy answer, the PGAT can't help themselves and antagonize, then when Phil or someone responds to their ridiculousness, the golf media mafia attack them. If/when the golf media mafia decide to be fair and show how the PGAT are being douchebags in more case than not, the shit will continue to hit the fans.

  4. Kevin 14 says:

    Clout media are the company the PGAT payed to mobilise all the 911 stuff . Phil was saying its LIV players who have been harmed and should be compensated. Punishment to return to PGAT is laughable . Not to even mention DoJ would be all over that. If you going to comment on golf best do some research.

  5. JT is out. He's not gonna make it.

  6. Duke K says:

    I’m with you Mike, Streamsong nice, but it’s out in the boonies, not much to do. Bandon Dunes would be my choice, but Bandon has been done so much on Youtube. Maybe something different.

  7. Joe Skrenta says:

    Nice pc…loved the variety of content! Personally…PGA/LIV…not high on my list of topics to follow! Too many issues! I'll wait to see how it plays out, then mabe have an opinion!!! Interesting NC driver content, wasn't aware! 😮 Looking forward to more of the NJ golf content…the road to PV!❤ Also, the NY courses were interesting! The bite on future trips was a nice tease! 😍 Keep up the Great content! 😂❤

  8. Jordan says:

    I never seen the merge coming shits crazy

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