Why you can't bring your range game to the golf course

The #1 problem in golf is not with the swing or the putting or the chipping stroke. Nope, this video will dissect the real cause and the punch line at the end will make you laugh at yourself. This is so fixable.


6 Replies to “Why you can't bring your range game to the golf course”

  1. CRW3DMedia says:

    You have to DESIRE success greater than you fear failure. It's that simple. Desire can overcome fear if you're CONFIDENT enough in your ability to BELIEVE you can do it. Positive thoughts, positive mind, positive results. Accept failures as positive lessons and move on.

  2. jumbo tron says:

    Wow! They don’t know the Jean Van de Velde drama! I remembered “and the crowd goes wild” moment when he started to untie his shoes!😂

  3. Dennis T says:

    So what was the fix?????

  4. Paul Marsh says:

    Or fear the clubhouse is on fire behind you.

  5. Tom Donnelly says:

    Interesting, but not helpful.

  6. Mike Spotts says:

    Don't know if you'll see this but I have a legion game and most of my family will be there and I know I can do good but I just get so nervous sometimes and it messes me up. Any tips?

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