Why You DON'T Want a Pendulum Putting Stroke | 36/64 Rule

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How would you like to have a simple putting stroke? How do we stop ourselves from under stroking or over stroking? For those looking to smooth out there putting rolls, this video on Why You DON’T Want a Pendulum Putting Stroke | 36/64 Rule is for you. We have the golf swing and your total game broken down to the 5 most important keys in our Top Speed Golf System. If you’re looking to have a more consistent putt, we’ll cover the 36/64 rule, while improving key fundamentals! Start having real control of your game. Be able to hit any shot in golf! We’ll teach you.

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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31 Replies to “Why You DON'T Want a Pendulum Putting Stroke | 36/64 Rule”

  1. Gtese says:

    2:05 “accelerating slower”😂😂😂. That’s decelerating my guy..

  2. Chico Hogan says:

    I agree talks way to much. Just get to the action and show us.

  3. Dave Kühn says:

    anyone going to tell him that 36 X 2 = 72?

  4. JJ Putting says:

    5 years on, do you still believe this is correct?

  5. This logic only applies to putters that are not designed for pendulum putting, which includes most of them. But keep in mind that a pendulum is the purest stroke in golf. The issue is that a putter needs to be designed to allow for such a free swinging, square face, tempo motion. To do this, a putter needs an extremely high M.O.I. (Moment Of Inertia) . Welcome to the L2 putter!

  6. JamesC says:

    Just getting into golf. This video is great. I'm also a weirdo because I'm a mechanical engineer and a drummer. The whole Pendulum concept (equal angle of swing / constant tempo) would be great if you kept your putter oscillating back and forth for 30 seconds then, while continually swinging it, stepped over to the ball to putt it. However, you're starting from zero velocity, accelerating, then stopping. The whole Pendulum concept doesn't fit. The grandfather clock Pendulum doesn't stop from zero, speed up, then stop.

    The drummer in me is thinking in terms of a "groove", with the only timed spots being when I start moving the club (beat 4), and when I make contact with the ball (beat 1). Imagine a rock and roll guy yelling "1… 2… 3… 4…" on stage to count off a song. On beat 4, I start moving the club. The "song" starts on the next 1 (this is when I make contact with the ball).

  7. Eugene Dizon says:

    Hi Clay, please send me a link to where I can purchase the putting rail.

  8. I’m not the pro here, but I’m pretty sure he’s wrong about pendulum. You have pendulum and arc paths. It’s doesn’t have to do with your tempo.

  9. Jim Walter says:

    Found this vid. About what i just started doing, shorter backswing longer folow through…i get a lot of ten and under putts for pars…as i expect to shoot my age…75 very soon…

  10. You'll notice the rail is set up for 50/50 (Duh?)

  11. zaba awy says:

    Very ok putter ! My home test ER2 https://youtu.be/zqm9a-dWg8o

  12. Mmmmm I average 27 putts per round for 75 carded rounds using a pendulum stroke must be luck

  13. You'd have to add some acceleration to the head if you want it to go forwards double the backswing length – – which may then add another element to go wrong. You'll also need a tighter grip to make this work. Another element to go wrong. Difficult to have passive hands and/or arms doing a double forward swing. I'm not convinced this is the only, correct way to putt. Thoughts guys?

  14. Cheng Lee says:

    There's a video out there somewhere with Phil Mickelson talking about shorter putts how he likes a shorter backswing but feels like he follows thru 75%…. I gotta try this method out cos the pendulum method isn't working for me

  15. Hey 👋🏽Clay did you work in Aviance International Inc. Macon. GA.

  16. Marty W says:

    I pull a lot of putts. Would deceling have anything to do with it? I'm going to try these drills.

  17. Linda Bragg says:

    What a great video. Watched it last night and went out to play today. Wow! I did so much better. I got 2 birdies on my Par 3. One during the first nine and the other on the back nine. All my putting was better. Thank you so much.

  18. kJohn Cookew says:

    Hey Clay. I'm just going through the TSG system and signed up as an annual member. Great system and I'm really enjoying it 🙂 I find your instructions very easy to understand and there have been a few aha moments, when things have clicked so Thank You 🙂 I tend to go to some other videos you have made as well from time to time and they all tie in together, however in this you say not to use the pendulum stroke and to use the 36/64 and then in the TGS putting system 3.1 Putting Stroke Tempo & Timing | How to Smooooth Your Roll, you say to use the Stroke Meter which makes you create a stroke that is equal back and through. I'm confused? Which one should you use?

  19. What a wonderful instructor.

  20. James S says:

    Putting guru Stan Utley says the exact opposite. Let the putter head fall into the ball with "no" acceleration past the ball. When it comes to golf, seems rarely any concensus.

  21. Steve S says:

    Excellent! Will work the too back, too short to get a better feel just right – that is the key to this video; got to be able to recognize/feel this to hone the correct. Yes, needed the re-emphasize of the accelerate through the putt; in competition don't have this automatic acceleration — tend to decelerate under pressure which cause the face to close (for me) and come up short left too often. Use an Accelerator 3 indoor putting mat that emphasizes this also. Use it also to see the putter face staying consistent square due to the guidelines. Off to the putting green…. Thank You!!

  22. Oh dear nice guy talks well but nope that data is wrong or misinterpreted the players with good distance control cruise into the ball acceleration or equally as bad a decelerate,

  23. Carl Kolchak says:

    Interesting info- Faxon, Crenshaw and Utley all teach a longer back stroke and shorter follow through. I guess that is why putting is so individual.

  24. How about rule for putting vs talking! 80% talk 20% put

  25. Chris huang says:

    its work so good , but why dont use 40% : 60%🤣🤣🤣

  26. Steve M says:

    What’s your thoughts on putts inside 10 ft keeping your entire swing within your stance?

  27. Bob Ariss II says:

    Where do you get that training device?

  28. Joe G says:

    Really helpful – thank you for posting!

  29. Excellent job in explaining the 36/64 rule.. Wonderful. However, when practice putting over 3 feet, you are PROGRAMMING to miss the putt mentally. Now, find an uphill straight 3 foot putt. Now, if the putt goes IN LEFT CENTER, then you have MISSED the putt (or 10 footer). The putt must go in DEAD CENTER. You will then develop a SHORTER ACCERLATING stroke and mentally you never miss. The only difference between a 10 foot putt and a 3 foot putt is when you have a 10 foot putt is really a 3 foot putt which you hit HARDER. Allen E. Jansson, 57 years of putting research. EXCELLENT JOB.!!!!

  30. @topspeedgolf what is your height and what putter length do you play?

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