Will Gannon Sign a Bigger Contract Than Eagle in 2024? | Debate Night

Trevor is joined by Brodie, Dustin, Jonah, and Matthew
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40 Replies to “Will Gannon Sign a Bigger Contract Than Eagle in 2024? | Debate Night”

  1. Ok so I agree that bounce back is not great. maybe a small storyline there, but barely.
    BUT. Total feet of putts is also not great. In golf, it makes sense, because it's far less likely for someone to stiff every pin and only make short putts, so total feet still makes sense. In disc golf, it's way easier to be landing closer to the hole consistently, making that stat too misleading (low number = not putting well OR throwing great). It makes it so that the stat depends on it being coupled with another stat for it to matter. But bounce back can be argued the same way if coupled with the difficulty of the next hole or something.
    TLDR: bounce back is dumb, but so it total feet of putts made (in disc golf, specifically)

  2. I was there at Mid America, I will give Gannon there were a few time he asked people to stop moving behind the putt. Harmony is a wooded course and there was a decent gallery. Definitely the most people ever there on the course. They did a good job cutting in spectator areas, but undeniable wooded disc gold poses tough spectator problems.

    For the playoff on hole 1, only thing I can think of is with the green being elevated, almost like a stage, he was able to see the full crowd so maybe people were still moving down the fairway in the back. There was definitely no unordinary movement on the green.

  3. I can 500 ft. In two throws. Haha

  4. Looks like we need a Foundation MMA challenge featuring Brodie vs Dustin.

  5. Chaser 90EK says:

    The bombshell at the end!

  6. Would be cool to see a female on once this some week.

  7. Scott Poynor says:

    injury has been happening for years, now that these players are getting paid to play or not . They aren't needing that pay check . Then you can say your injured for self care.

  8. Bounce back is a great stat. Brodie just bullying Dustin was ridiculous.

  9. Mad Ammo says:

    Collars on shirts

  10. Mad Ammo says:

    Things of that nature take shot everytime its said

  11. Brodie and Dustin interactions is awkward

  12. Eric Dixon says:

    Can we talk about trees? When will remove these atrocities from the courses? No more trees?

  13. Eric Dixon says:

    Can we talk about trees? When will remove these atrocities from the courses? No more trees?

  14. luis T says:

    Brodie is like Trump in a debate and you guys just bow down to him. You guys need another touring golfer to debate to or Brodie will always win cause he plays on tour. Btw i like Brodie but dam let everyone one else shine bra.

  15. Bulk Bogan says:

    Did anyone enjoy Gannon's spit out more than me? 🤣🤣🤣 It's funny because his comments on basket spit outs at the preserve.. Lul

  16. Brian Wisher says:

    I would love to see a rule about tree or bushes interfering with a tee box.

  17. Feet of putts is a bad idea. If you park a majority of your shots, you'd get fewer feet and be "penalized" for playing better golf.

  18. Theresa says:

    Where do you find the preview shows?

  19. Mike Thomas says:

    The bounce back stat is probably of little value to a golfer, however it would be a tool to grab onto for a commentator is something to be able create a story line and something to talk about, and of some value to a commentator. Pretty decent show guys.

  20. ProfLowery says:

    Bounce back is such a terrible stat. Holes on a course are discrete so being able to “bounce back” from a bad hole doesn’t say a whole lot. I’m sure anyone that has played a course more than a few times know the exact holes they would expect bogeys, par, birdies etc. bounce back stat doesn’t say anything about the individual player.

  21. Ryan Suter says:

    Eagle McMahon is more of a name than Gannon.

  22. Ryan Suter says:

    Sometimes also are more particular and will try to I force the rules more than pro’s do.

  23. Ryan Suter says:

    There should be a set time and not a subjective “pace of play”.

  24. Ryan Suter says:

    When it comes to distractions you should think about how free throw shooters face screaming fans and still have to make the shot.

  25. I propose pdga fees funnel to the region they are collected in. Why does Georgia get so much?

  26. Rule clarification…

    802.03 Excess Time

    A. A player has taken excessive time if they are present and have not thrown within 30 seconds:

    1. After the previous player has thrown; and,

    2. After they have had a reasonable amount of time to arrive at and determine the lie; and,

    3. After they are next in the throwing order; and,

    4. During which the playing area is remains clear.

    I believe they got rid of the rule about being distracted because it's too easily abused.

  27. J W says:

    Is it possible to get some grown ups on this show instead of teenie boppers

  28. Ryan Suter says:

    Gannon burh and other highly talented players were at mid America. Even if it was a weaker field it was a strong field so shame on you for using the words weaker field!!

  29. PDGA should hire Brooks Koepka as a consultant for pace of play issues… pretty sure he has some ideas

  30. Bounce back stat is a good idea, but it should be an automated stat linked with scores for the day or event on that hole. It would be over/under average score.

  31. Evan Heisey says:

    Dustin "things of that nature" Mouret

  32. Adam Hinton says:

    Team Brodie for sure on the last take. Bounce back really tells you nothing. And bounce back is a birdie after a bogey. Definitely nothing impressive about parring a hole after a bogey. Makes that take even worse. And by that logic, taking a bogey after a double bogey would also be a bounce back. Nobody cares about that

  33. Matt May says:

    None of your stats were great. What is needed are some ratio based stats. Player A averages 42’ for their final shot per hole and player B averages 8’. Thus player A made 756’ of putts and Player B just 144’. In isolation, this doesn’t tell me much. If Player B shot -18 and Player A shot -2, I then say, “wow, A was saving their round with incredible putting but threw like garbage. B was throwing the disc well and never needed to putt. Now, a ratio of putts/total strokes might give you this combined story. There are a number of ratios that can and should be considered to determine which tell the full story. Perhaps putt made total distance/total number of putts. Now, two players that both make 600’ of putts can be analyzed because one did that in 20 putts and another took 30 putts. Same distance, but one has a dist/putts of 30 and the other is a 20. The higher the number the better they really putt. But, this in isolation is also imperfect, because the guy with 18 one foot putts that threw the round of a lifetime, would come up as a 1, because he didn’t have to putt. Let a psychometrician figure out the drivers. You need to try a bunch of stats and then run correlation coefficients to determine which best measure performance. Oh, and at the end of the day, the only stat that matters is cumulative round scores compared to your competitors. I.e. did you win?

  34. Matt says:

    Every stat has its holes to pick apart.
    Stats only make sense by seeing the comparison between players. It still gives a snapshot on how well they did compared to others

  35. I like the total feet of putting. We should look at feet made out of feet available. So only putts circle two and in count towards feet available. If someone makes one outside of circle two then it counts towards the feet available and feet made – kind of like how in basketball if you get fouled on a shot it doesn't count towards your shooting percentage, but if you make it, it does count towards your shooting percentage. At the end of the round you could then see that you made 280 ft out of 360 ft available. This also gives you a sort of putting proficiency model – like you were 77% proficient.

  36. Bradwurst says:

    Was this recorded before the announcment of the United Series or something? Weird to have content mentioning it, but not on the show where you…debate lol

  37. Matt says:

    Pitchers have pitch counts for a reason. Disc golf is unique in the repetitive throwing.

  38. Don't they use PDGA live or udisclive and have to enter their scores within a certain amount of time of playing that hole? To me maybe you just need to be using the times on the scorecard as a tracker.

  39. Paul is known for his finese and not using his power. So no, he won't disc down and throw a full power zone, he will disc up. Unlike newer ultimate players that dont know what they're doing…

  40. Everyone should be dressing like Ezra and Paul. Two top players that look like they just left church every round. Don't give me the "not comfortable" crap. Look like a professional, dude.

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