World champs show Jerm the ropes in Norway | PCS Open Practice Round | Jomez

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Tournament: 2023 PSC Open
Course: Øverås Diskgolfpark | Øverås, Norway
Guest: Avery Jenkins & Gregg Barsby
Jeremy “Big Jerm” Koling

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48 Replies to “World champs show Jerm the ropes in Norway | PCS Open Practice Round | Jomez”

  1. JomezPro says:

    Use code JOMEZPRO50 to get 50% off your first Factor box at!

  2. What year is the Kc aviar Barsby shows off on hole #1?

  3. Big jerm should do a giveaway for the tiny bag 😂😂😂

  4. Sam Baxter says:

    I know it would be tough with pro sponsors, but seeing Jerm play with new discs was fun. Probably not best for a practice round but a video where a group does like a draft pick to get discs and play a course would be fun!

  5. Jason Beals says:

    I'd love it if Discmania made a some discs with Avery's name on it again. My Avery PD is still one of my favorite discs of all time!!

  6. Evan Stanek says:

    Fun course, and good to see Jerm & Uli showing up in the standings!

  7. jd says:

    They were right about the -13

  8. Getting a putter stuck in the giant basket = priceless lol

  9. Fjords were formed from glaciers.
    Big Jerm: "This is not how my Mako flies." Yeah, they lost your luggage and yours is flying to Borneo!!

  10. Aaron Kirsch says:

    three of my favorite Players !!!! Bravo !! just need Sexton ,. Uli , simon , oh well ,…never mind just some Iconic players that we all love! I think I may have to save up for a trip to Norway !

  11. Steve G says:

    CR willey has been crushing sidearm shots since way back!

  12. Can't believe they don't bring up Issac Robison when they talk about no forehands

  13. Andre Bruce says:

    Maybe Jerm should play while holding an umbrella all the time.

  14. Des says:

    greg barsbys girl is a babe… damn. There is hope for me, yet.

  15. Tell me Jeremy's bag is an original sized bag! 😂😂

  16. Luke Fink says:

    Americans, 100m is 110 yards

  17. Impasse says:

    Sooooo anyone else hear here go “oh fuck that’s a first” in the intro😂

  18. tay c says:

    This is one of the best you guys have put out this year! Very fun to watch.

  19. Phillip G says:

    Do you think it was windy last year?🤣

  20. Oltsi says:

    Haglöfs should sponsor Big Jerm. Im sold after that commercial 😀

  21. Emil Jonsell says:

    Got to appreciate Jerm rocking the Haglöfs pants!

  22. Sondre says:

    Very nice plays for a 1st mate on a shrimp boat.

  23. Big Jerm's putting stance on 16 was OB

  24. great round, loved this

  25. Eel Head says:

    That big basket, totally got me. "big" Jerm, walk up to it, i was like 'whats going on here?'

  26. Knockkers says:

    Was it windy last year?

  27. What bag is Jerm using for this round? It looks like exactly like what I’m looking for in a compact minimal mold round.

    Also, a fjord is a narrow inlet specifically carved by GLACIERS. It is a geological feature and the extreme and visible glacial activity is what gives them such awe and steep cliffs off the ocean. I like rocks.

  28. Ivant says:

    Did Jerm just make a Lil Troy joke 😅

  29. Best one I have seen yet!!

  30. Drew Coates says:

    Haven't read any of the comments but is Avery… Jerm's dad?

  31. Shooop says:

    More Avery plz

  32. Ivar says:

    I love watching and listening to Greg so much. Between him and Philo I can't really pick…great vibes

  33. Shady Rest disc golf course in Mammoth Lakes, CA. It's an Avery Jenkins designed course and a hidden gem.

  34. nick schatz says:

    Averys casual put on 3 was so swagy steezy old man

  35. Chris Kay says:

    Did anyone notice barsbys 4:20 giggle on hole 18?

  36. Randy Ward says:

    Loved the round. Never heard of Avery before but he seems like an awesome guy who is pushing the future of the sport.

  37. Wanna be a baller (goat)
    Shock collar
    20 inch blades
    On the impala.

    Cool vid guys…….

  38. Avery is a great addition to the practice rounds. Would probably be great at commentary too

  39. Anthony says:

    Could be wrong but I’m pretty sure that kid who followed along (Xander?) is the son of the owner of the property/ course.

  40. Nathan Smith says:

    Barsby looks tiny compared to Germ and Avery.

  41. Omg I've never seen this course and it was such a mind freak when I realized that basket wasn't just 40 feet from the actual hole lol

  42. Thomas A. says:

    Jerm ur a prof athlete…time to start working out.

  43. Anyone know what type of bag Big Jerm is sporting?? Looks kinda cool!

  44. Chris K says:

    Fjords are carved by glaciers, sounds are formed by rivers

  45. Jason Poston says:

    Halo Eagles look beeeef.

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