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26 Replies to “WORLD RECORD RUIN DLC Speedruns”

  1. xVenomTFT says:

    spiff should make a game where it's essentially a speedrun for who can make the fastest and most enjoyable speedrun route for the game. Once it's been found all other bugs non relevant to the run would be patched out of the game to keep one consistent way of speedrunning the game. I think it'd be a fairly fun hunt. The entire speedrun community finding hundreds of glitches in a game and racing eachother to see who can make the fastest and most enjoyable speedrun route of the game.

  2. xVenomTFT says:

    can you save quit on the ride or alt f4 or something at a quick save (if it does one during the ride sequence) and hope when you load back in the area is loaded and you're not stuck in the ride

  3. xVenomTFT says:

    they should put a new update that adds arcade machines into the game where if you beat them you collect pieces of bonny to restore him and that would give you a new ending. you can also restore all animatronics for an additional ending too. would be cool IMO. Not too much work either as they just have to repurpose arcade machines already in the game files unless that wouldn't work for some reason.

  4. This dlc is bad bc we don’t get head or ticking I rate a 2/10

  5. I feel like ruin succeeded a lot more then it might have due to the fact of sb being known for being broken in every aspect, so when some people see ruin for the first time, they might have the expectation of it not being that good or super buggy, which makes it feel like a good and much better game, yet also (even with the efforts of the devs) still having quite a few bugs/skips that are pretty good for speedruns and maybe challenges.

  6. Ben says:

    1:10:18 so as far as seeing animatronics goes, you can skip seeing freddy entirely, same with grimmic. Theoretically, skips for some monty and roxy cutscenes exist, but are slower than just watching them. What are the chances that we'll have a 'no animatronics%' run someday, where you don't see a single animatronic (maybe including endos and mask bot?). Completing an entire run without ever even seeing an animatronic in a FNAF game, as a feasible speedrun, is just wild imo. Like how.

  7. xVenomTFT says:

    spiff is just permenantly talking to us through a dr disrespect branded microphone.

  8. Kial Irvin says:

    1:30:34 " probably no illegal stuff" I'm pretty sure that breaking into the Pizza plex is illegal not to mention murdering kids and hiding them into suits.

  9. Zombsloid says:

    3:21:48 funny. + spiff responded to my chat 🙂

  10. ponchoislive says:

    things i did during this vod
    – hydrate
    – eat
    – finish rewriting my Spanish 1 notes
    – sharpened an entire pack of colored pencils
    – made a halloween tree
    – clean my room
    – do my chores
    – pitch

    keep it up! im literally only motivated when im watching videos lol

  11. Why is no one talking about the split image? What is it my guess is :”Barbie and the magic of pegasus” what do y’all think?

  12. where to check current WR..

  13. TheRandom1 says:

    1 hour gang

    we be within 1st hour

  14. i think you should get some headshots

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