Worlds #1 Golf Coach reveals fastest way to Improve your golf swing – Part 1

To Watch Danny Maudes full video , hit the link below

I am an Average Golfer and just like you I love to try fixing my golf swing with the help from Golf coaches on YouTube.

So I simply test the tips from the likes of Danny Maude Golf, Alex Elliott Golf, Eric Cogorno Golf, Mr Short Game, Get Good at Golf, Ali Taylor Golf, The Art of Simple Golf, Peter Finch Golf, Rick Shiels and many more channels who provide us with swing tips/golf tips to help us improve our golf.

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24 Replies to “Worlds #1 Golf Coach reveals fastest way to Improve your golf swing – Part 1”

  1. Mike Mercer says:

    I did catch the original video but it seemed a lot to take in in one go but this is much more simplified to follow thanks👍

  2. filthee1 says:

    Thanks for isolating this piece of Danny’s video. I believe it’s the most important part.

  3. The Pete Cowen and Danny lesson video was like a graduate level professor teaching an advanced masters level prof. I watched it, got something out of it, but not enough.

    Danny's video reiterated Pete's instructional gems,and restated them in a way the rank and file golfer could understand and learn more from.

    Your video has taken Cack handed part and given it even more relevance and applicability for us "average golfers".

    I've been trying this, and there is no doubt that the Cack (sp?) handed grip and mini swings are giving me a feel I've not had before, and I like it!

  4. I'm subscribing just cause my man has some unreal style out on the course!

    Well articulated tip video and I'm excited to try it myself.

  5. mick19421 says:

    Like the way you have given credit for this terrific tip, been doing it since Danny Maude had his lesson then put his slant on it. Look forward to your take on it part 2 and 3.

  6. Mark Lucey says:

    Absolutely love your practice fairway!!

  7. Phil Johnson says:

    Omg.tried this today for 9 holes.20mins in the nets before i played.3 cack handed practice swings before each shot.shot 2 over gross playing off 10.thats 3 under handicap.brilliant.
    Thanks Andy& Danny👍👍👍

  8. Does this apply to all clubs including the driver?

  9. e r says:


  10. e r says:

    Just buy the prosendr

  11. BigT says:

    Great tip Andy I will give it a go as part of a pre shot routine hopefully it will reduce my tendency to swing on a flat plane ,looking forward to part b tomorrow .
    I have enjoyed watching your series so far ,on the tips from the pros you make it much easier to absorb the information and put into practice thanks

  12. Simon says:

    I really liked this video of Danny's – made a lot of sense to me, and it helps foster that feeling of connectedness with the upper arms & chest. Loving the videos, really good seeing a 'normal' golfer putting these tips into practice 👍🏻

  13. robster230 says:

    I saw this video, and his follow up, but couldn't make it work at the the range, oh well 🙂

  14. Wayne Young says:

    I like watching Pete Cowan.

  15. rsh rsh says:

    I'm starting a new channel: Testing the tips from the tip testors!

  16. Robert Lynch says:

    Thanks Andy! I’ll give this a whirl. Curious to see what happens.

  17. Katz Steel says:

    I see a lot of training aids in my Facebook feed. Any plans on testing some of the most popular?

  18. ur just releasing the wrist angles a little early tho

  19. ed f says:

    Love the channel!

  20. Looks like you've lost one of your car driving gloves there !!!!!!

  21. I quite liked this video. It focuses on what Pete has preached of the "spiral staircase", but more importantly, Pete always talks about putting the club in the right position for delivery. This move must be groove or memorized by your muscles as it put the club in the right position for gravity to assist you in the down swing causing an effortless swing, very efficient! I also liked your emphasis of the coil, "left knee over the left foot and bottom of spine pointing at left heel" Can't wait for your next discussion on this Pete Cowen lesson as it was the most "aha" moment I have had for gold instruction. That is maintaining the right wrist bend through the strike!. It takes the flicking, hand domination out of the swing and brings in the importance of turning to the left to maintain pressure on the ball. Thanks for taking this one step at a time though, excellent job. I liked it so much, I just subscribed to your channel!

  22. David Cavon says:

    I've watched Danny Maude for years, and really enjoyed his "feel oriented swing". This is a huge change for him in that it's become very much a "position oriented swing". My opinion is that as soon as you focus on a position, you lose any fluidity of motion. I've tried getting into specific positions and all they do is make me think of the position rather than the target…miss out on any point of the position and it messes up your mind and swing.

  23. gunnar stahl says:

    Patrick Welch plays golf at a very high level at the University of Oklahoma with a cross grip.

  24. John R says:

    Andy, I had watched Danny's video and found it helpful for the most part, but as he layered on the subsequent parts from his Pete Cowan lesson, I found myself trying too hard to digest the whole thing. I think that you're breaking it down and leaving it at Part 1, might help avoid having my mind embracing too many swing thoughts at one time. Thanks.

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