Worth the Money?? Testing Custom vs. Off the Rack Drivers | Paige Spiranac

I’m testing my Club Champion custom fit driver against a $600 off the rack driver to see which one performs better! ✨ Need new clubs? ✨ Use code PAIGE at Club Champion for 50% off fitting fee with an equipment purchase: https://bit.ly/PAIGExCC2023

(not valid with any other fitting offer, code must be used when booking an appointment)

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33 Replies to “Worth the Money?? Testing Custom vs. Off the Rack Drivers | Paige Spiranac”

  1. Bob Smith says:

    Auction your off the rack unit. Tell them you will deliver it, or include some article of clothing from the video … I predict you will make a profit 😉😉😉

  2. ray j c says:

    Thank you for sharing Miss.

  3. EV MOLLET says:

    Just love her. The original golf babe

  4. EV MOLLET says:

    Love the rack…

  5. Rick says:

    The “Off the Rack” one was $600 but you never said how much the custom one was? Twice as much, $200 more? A lot of us can’t just spend $1000 or more on one club. Still liked the video just wondering how much more your custom club was.

  6. Hi Paige, could you do a game with Andy Carter? Would be great 🙂

  7. Dan Arcotta says:

    Always get fitted

  8. Your boyfriend is indeed a lucky man.

  9. Glad I saw this BEFORE buying the 600$ off the rack driver I was considering. Now all I need is to find a place for custom clubs.

  10. Paige, what would you say was the fitting difference between Club Champion and getting the Callaway "fit to your specs"?

  11. thanks pagie spiranac you are great 👍👍

  12. pat k says:

    Paige you are definitely custom! there is nothing off the rack about you although that does bring up a another matter! love your videos, i'm definitely going to buy me some clubs!

  13. John Hoffer says:

    Not a fair comparison. Next time please use the same brand and model off the shelf driver as the custom driver that your using. Comparing a Calloway to a Titleist is a bit disingenuous. You can and have done much better Paige. Stick to be honest and forthright .
    I’ve been custom fit and in my opinion that is the way to go if you can afford it. Definitely improves your game if you have been playing for awhile. Love your instructional videos. Keep up the good work.

  14. Extended shaft for my wood is a huge benefit.

  15. Literally getting a driver fitting today and replacing the 913d2 that has done me so well over the years. This video could not have had better timing! Thanks Paige!

  16. john wheeler says:

    You shoukd have done the trial as wine tasting; not knowing which club was being used. Then give the answer

  17. You said the key words there “your consistent” swing. Someone who doesn’t play much or even often will be inconsistent enough that even if they can get through a fitting it’s all going to change over time. How much does a complete fitting cost?

  18. James G says:

    Paige Spiranac why didn't you buy a titleist driver of the shelf? You said in the past you aren't a fan of Callaway so you probably had no confidence in it. If you could explain this to me I would appreciate it. I'm not hating or trying to be negative. Best wishes

  19. I watched good good get fitted clubs and they still have problems. I don’t think it’s worth it for the average golfer.

  20. LOL…Shocking results!!! She's a Club Champion brand ambassador. That same "off the shelf" $600 driver would end up costing you $1200 to $1300 after Club Champion worked you over!!!

  21. Seattle EUC says:

    ( o )( o )

    Besides that, I don’t see anything else in this video.

  22. J'aimerais bien joué avec toi

  23. Joe Andreola says:

    $600.00 for one club , 😂 no way, nobody is paying to watch me golf!!!!

  24. Jason Taylor says:

    Would have loved to see some tracers to see the ball flights but other than that cool vid good info.

  25. Zaxh Nemz says:

    Just became a fan of golf

  26. Martin Maret says:

    Fan give away for the stock driver? I hate all the new shafts way too much torque, I buy the good ole grafalloy blue 65 x. 2.8 torque. 60$

  27. Heliocentric says:

    Only one year of professional golf but even Paige would confirm it's all about the stiffness of the shaft that's most important 😉

  28. Adam says:

    would like to see the difference if you bought the same model of your fitted driver.

  29. Yours is superior 🖖

  30. Hi Paige,

    I am all for being custom fit as I have seen the benefits first hand. That said I have some questions.

    My assumption is both drivers are the Callaway Paradym, but I am curious which head each one is. You only said Callaway but I didn’t hear the specific head (standard, triple diamond, X). If I missed it my apologies.

    I would also like to know specifically what is different in the custom fit driver as compared to the stock driver.

    Same heads?
    Same degree of loft?
    Adjustment piece set to the same setting (like Standard/draw, 0 or +1° etc) (this one I can understand the custom being different and the stock being set to standard and 0° so it’s the designed spec.
    Weights different in the custom?
    What shafts are in each?
    What size are the grips and are they both the same or is your custom using something better fit for you?

  31. Grunt 49 says:

    You are glowing!Boyfriend must be good for you!God bless you and yours 🙏

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