Would I get stroked or DQ’d? #golf #golfrules #golfjoke #golfing

13 Replies to “Would I get stroked or DQ’d? #golf #golfrules #golfjoke #golfing”

  1. USA says:

    My lady had those same shorts 😅

  2. Kyle Peralta says:

    I give him a stroke, but he deserves a DQ.

  3. Darren Morse says:

    I’m not saying shit😂😂

  4. big fan of your but i am 5 feet 6 inch n i can hit 270with 3 iron,ans with SW i can hit 160

  5. i get excited to see your humongous body hitting that tiny ball 😂

  6. evenpar says:

    Masterpiece 💪

  7. Chrizzly06 says:

    Borgie you are an absolute madman

  8. T Rock says:

    Is being a wanker breaking a rule?

  9. In front of tee box, penalty
    Hitting bombs….yes

  10. Nat Peterson says:

    He was about to sling that shit 💀🎯

  11. soupra22 says:

    In front of tee markers and looks like an alignment aid you used

  12. West Pole says:

    My man got so excited, he straight up sent the tee marker to go see for itself how great of a shot that was! 😂😂

  13. I would admire that drive too much and forgot it was Infront of the markers🤣🤣🤣

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