Would you rather be: 2 feet or 11 feel tall? #golf #golfing #minigolf

20 Replies to “Would you rather be: 2 feet or 11 feel tall? #golf #golfing #minigolf”

  1. Paul Paul says:

    Taps in for 3 on 4th shot.

  2. E P says:

    Holes 4th shot. “That was 3.” Sounds like my dad. 😂

  3. Putter-Mike says:

    I've seen a tripple wave hole like that, only the one in Cap'N'Cain is worse. It was hole 13.

  4. Because of Square-Cube Law if you were 11 feet tall your bones would basically crumble under you. But atleast you'd hold a world record

  5. Hunny Bun says:

    That was a 4. If you're going to just cheat, cut one of the shots. Because just because you can't count, that doesn't mean your audience can't count

  6. tcpanthers says:

    Yeah, Ryan got a 4 to open the hole.

  7. BMAC says:

    Bro y’all hitting all the courses around me lol

  8. Eric says:

    He tapped in for 4 lol.

  9. ser7643 says:

    Agree with Ryan

  10. Bro he tapped it in for four

  11. Hey guys great video!! Keep up the great work out there boys! 🎉

  12. Rob Bruce says:

    2 feet tall is wild 4 foot or 11 foot would be a more realistic one

  13. QuixsMW says:

    11🎉love the series

  14. girlie_37 says:

    Learn how to count. You didn’t tap in for 3 you taped in for 4

  15. Insane Mania says:

    First. Love y’all’s content! Keep it up!!!

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