*WTF! Majorie Taylor Greene SHOCKS Congress With GRAPHIC Photos Of Hunter Biden During LIVE Hearing

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39 Replies to “*WTF! Majorie Taylor Greene SHOCKS Congress With GRAPHIC Photos Of Hunter Biden During LIVE Hearing”

  1. Eddie Gauna says:

    Great work. Great job at looking at all the facts through such a wide lens in your journey. Much love, keep going strong and spread the word. We need as many good folks as possible on our side.

  2. If it was Don Trump Jr. doing the same thing, it would be nonstop news coverage. Am I wrong?

  3. Remember it can't be shown in Congress because its inappropriate, but its okay to show pics like this in elementary schools across America, right Democrats. " I object your honor, because its really damaging to my case"

  4. T Culjak says:

    We all need to pray for MTG. She is one of the few trying to save our Country by exposing things others refuse to. Notice the responses? The faces? The trying to silence her? Lol… 🙏

  5. SK EC says:

    That look on your face at 9:55 had me dying laughing. I can't believe theyed show a picture of Hunter getting his mushroom tip sucked off. Hahaha.

  6. tcolors says:

    MTG is a lying publicity whore that is about to be sued by Hunter Biden. Did anyone watch the rest of this hearing? Where people spoke on how every point that the republicans made had already been proven wrong? They just get loud mouth marjorie to go out there and scream then republicans think it's true. She has been kicked out of things by her own party and you people still believe her!!

  7. Dana Russell says:

    All Marjorie Taylor Greene wanted to see was pictures of Hunter Biden dick the girls he flew in were friends of his he is that he would fly in for a booty call! I really love you guys in the beginning but since you put all this political material on your page I can't watch it anymore! That was the whole reason I started watching reaction videos was to get away from all the political crap!

  8. Love that woman! MTG

  9. AA says:

    Remember Democrats all said the laptop was Russian disinfo and censored everyone on behalf of Hunter, just before November 2020. It doesn't get 💩than this.

  10. kat.mandoo says:

    You should see all the photos off that laptop!… it’s crazy…. Not to mention all the text document evidence.

  11. Deania Meyer says:

    He also had daddy wire $10,000.00 to pay for prostitute. I think HB credit card was declined. Ppl trying to defend or saying he's a private citizen . Its the whole picture. Follow the money trail. JB and HB also shared accounts.

  12. Mike Mc says:

    Watch "Brave GOP Lawmaker Get's up and HUMILIATES Ocasio-Cortez"

  13. Laura Smith says:

    Cocaines a helluva drug! Rick James

  14. Hunter is currently living in the white house. Going to state dinners and traveling with his dad. If he's a private citizen he needs to act like it. If he's not, fair play.

  15. G H says:

    She gave a warning before displaying those photos.

  16. Love, MTG if you don't want the TRUTH don't watch

  17. Knit Stitch says:

    There’s way worse than that. Finally it’s coming out.

  18. Kevin R says:

    That’s because the left and the Democrats want to lie so much that the republican party has had enough of that shit and that we are going to start showing the world and the American people the real truth about how corrupt the Biden family is

  19. Boosted4life says:

    All you have to say, if it was Trumps family…. Would we even be talking about it

  20. Thats the Biden family. And theirs still weirdos out here supporting them. Strange world we live in.

  21. jim524 says:

    Greene should not show this in front of this hearing. It's only for 1st thru 4th Grade

  22. sean says:


  23. Just imagine if that was one of Trump’s sons‼️

  24. MKitchen says:

    liberals try to cancel MTG for showing this..

  25. Robert Glass says:

    They got Al Capone on tax evasion. How fitting if the Biden crime family is brought down the same way. The left can Huff and puff but by the end of the day they can't deny the overwhelming evidence of the bidens' criminal conduct.

  26. the best laundromat ever ! SMDH Hunter is just a protected pawn of the deep state.

  27. The Democrats are a sick bunch of puppies.

  28. Oh my god. Is it common practice to go after private citizens through your Congress? Is he an elected official or holds a position in government? Why is this guy being dragged through your parliament?

  29. Did she present the photos of him fucking his 14 year old niece, after getting her coked out?

    Because those are on the laptop as well.

    Sick Fuck Hunter Biden
    And we all have to stand aside and act like it’s all okay, because no one is going to do anything about it

  30. Skerh Nekia says:

    He acting like he’s Saddam Son not Biden lol.

  31. 026Rayy says:

    Day idk of asking king Von -don’t miss & album reaction ❤

  32. AndiBay says:

    Believe it or not, there’s also footage of him doing coke off of one of Obama’s “daughter’s” bum..🤦🏻‍♀️

  33. There's other stuff out there with pictures. With young ones

  34. Your face, Reck….😂😂😂

  35. Those are the good guys…

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