Yoga for Golf | Improve Your Swing, Strengthen Your Lower Back, and Increase Flexibility for Golf!

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46 Replies to “Yoga for Golf | Improve Your Swing, Strengthen Your Lower Back, and Increase Flexibility for Golf!”

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  2. Outstanding! Ready to hit the course

  3. K C says:

    Im 63 and generally have a lack of flexibility. Ive also recently injured my lower back and am recuperating at the moment. Do you think this programme is appropriate or too advanced?

  4. jason nash says:

    Hi dean, great video, any chance of a part 2? Really helping my golf game after 2 spinal fusions from getting injured in the Royal Marines. Shared the vid with loads of people

  5. Kevin Weaver says:

    Very informative video, I do some of these ex’s already but you have provided progression and detailed explanation.
    Need to get your book.
    What is the title please.

  6. Rajesh Nair says:

    Such a good video. Cheers

  7. Hi Dean, Thank you so much for this video. I have been doing this routine 5 days a week and my back is much better now while playing golf or after a round of golf. Do you have any routine for shoulders? I have been getting that pinching pain on back of my shoulder.

  8. Hi, Dean – I think you did a nice job in this video, relating the poses/stretches to golf with respect to the strength and flexibility you require for the game – most people do not equate golf and fitness, so I really like you trying to connect these things. if you are okay with constructive commentary I have a couple of things for you to consider (btw I am a kinesiology grad and have been a golf instructor for 25 years so it is coming from someone with an education and experience, not just a layperson). I think when you say straight spine you mean a NEUTRAL spine – straight is impossible unless you have a structural issue (ie. your thoracic spine can be straight/flat if it rotates back because of a rotoscoliosis, otherwise, the spine should exhibit a natural kyphotic and lordotic curve). You definitely need a neutral spine for golf posture, with the sternum up and shoulders out and back at first when standing up tall, and then sternum brought toward the ground (while keeping shoulders back) as you tip AT THE HIP joints to address the ball (as opposed to curling the shoulders to tip over which is what most people do incorrectly – and/or they bend at the WAIST wrongly). I'd say most people (in general and in particular those who golf unless elite at the sport) have balance issues and may have problems standing on one leg; maybe suggest at the beginning of your video that they set up to follow along with a counter near by for balance (or they can lean on a golf club – which I suggest when I teach stretching at the driving range). You do eventually suggest this, I'm just saying it would be excellent direction from the start! Again, appreciate your efforts here. PS – you should wear tighter clothing to show off your excellent physique which would do wonders in demonstrating which muscles are working while you are holding poses/stretches!

  9. Fred Maestro says:

    My neck just feels so overactive when doing these exercises it isn't right like at 23:00 when I'm stretching both arms out and looking towards my hand my neck is very tense. It feels very stressful and I know it's not the right muscle being used. Please help.

  10. Kyle Pedlar says:

    Dean, first off thank you, your videos are awesome and have absolutely improved my golf game and life! Question: often times after golfing, my right hip is really sore. Both the outside and even inside, groin, abductors/adductors you name it. Icing the outside of my right hip helps. I almost always walk so I’m sure carrying my bag adds to it. Any idea how to work this out? I am a righty FYI. Thanks!

  11. Coffee Man says:

    Thanks for this. I play a fair bit of golf and surf so very keen to look after my lower back. Will definitely be doing this routine after my golf again.

  12. Victor Teran says:

    hey Dan! I have done several of your challenges and love them, but I just saw this vid focused on golf yoga, are there more in the member´s area?

  13. JR S says:

    I have followed Dean since 2010 and when I injured my back and could not walk without a back brace and Tylenol. Surgery was not an option and chiropractic treatments only made the pain worse. I started one of Dean’s Workouts that he titled “Because it is ___ Today”. It was a total body working with 42 poses. I struggled through it everyday. But soon I was walking pain free, playing golf and weight lifting again. Over 10 years later and I still have Dean’s poses mixed into my exercise. His knowledge and teaching works!

  14. I rarely take the time to like a video but I had to on yours! great job explaining how it affects golf and the body.

  15. Nak Kang says:

    Damn that hurt 😂 2021 off to a good start ! First time doing yoga !

  16. is the "only uses one side" thing a myth. wheres the study that shows you only use one side and tha it causes imbalances

  17. Ready to 🏌🏼‍♀️. Thanks for another yoga workout.

  18. Awesome! Loved this. Thanks!

  19. Thanks, Man🦶🏻

  20. Zach Mitchem says:

    Absolute best golf yoga video I have ever tried! Well done! Will be using this weekly!

  21. Fozi B says:

    Great video, really enjoyed it.

  22. Awesome workout for golfers! Thanks Dean

  23. Amar Bindra says:

    Thanks Dean, that was very good

  24. Brett says:

    Amazing dude. First watch helped a sorr body after a week of consecutive days of playing.

  25. imasspeons says:

    Great golf yoga workout. Really identified muscle groups I was weak in.

  26. Dave Jones says:

    How often would you recommend doing this routine?

  27. Tim Lyons says:

    Great exercises that will improve your golf.

  28. Wow! Really loved that. Thanks!

  29. You are my hero dean.

  30. JM Brangwin says:

    Thanks coach. Please keep the 12-19 minute videos coming.

  31. Jack Kauer says:

    Great video Dean,really enjoyed it, thx. A must for golfers, before and after a round of golf

  32. Jack Kauer says:

    Great video, thanks Dean. I have been looking for something like this.

  33. Mark Peeters says:

    I'm going to do this everyday for a month. I'll let you know how it has helped my game!

  34. Is it not recommanded for women? Very interesting!

  35. Fantastic video – really useful workout for golf. Thanks

  36. Guy Davey says:

    Very clear explanation.. thank you.

  37. Darth Vader says:

    do you do the opposite if you swing left?

  38. Hi Dean, really enjoyed the video and this workout. I have had my legs broken a couple times and I lost a lot of flexibility in them. I found out that it limits my golf swing a lot. Which exercises would you recommend for me to get my legs back in shape flexibility vise?

  39. RiStar says:

    Hey I have to teach a Yoga for Golf class tonight, I know little about Golf so was checking out YouTube videos. I liked your style the best. Oh and thanks for being easy on the eyes! ; ) PS. get ya some Claritin. lol

  40. hi dean. I have been looking to increase my flexibility for golf. i took up more weight lifting the past couple years and i have noticed a dramatic loss of distance with my driver and all irons. I'm looking to regain my flexibility back. i just tried this exercise for the first time and i loved it. it was a struggle, i literally have no flexibility but i am going to commit to this for the fall and winter season and see if it helps to get that distance back. ill let you know the results.

  41. Thanks Dean!! Awesome strength & stretch pose.

  42. Hey! Awesome video…Which video of yours would you recommend for tight hips quads and lower back discomfort?

  43. Hey Dean, I just wanted to thank you for this video. I'm starting to create my work out plan for this upcoming season and I realized I need to be more flexible and this video is going to help tremendously. I'll be using your other videos as well to stay flexible and agile. Thank you again.

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