You can buy a FULL SET of golf clubs for a CRAZY PRICE in 2023!

26 Replies to “You can buy a FULL SET of golf clubs for a CRAZY PRICE in 2023!”

  1. Mark says:

    You should do 9 holes totally decathlon, glove and ball too, then 9 totally Kirkland!

  2. Dawson McNew says:

    Play nine with these clubs. I'd be interested to see how your game holds up using this bag.

  3. Mark says:

    You should have reviewed the decathlon golf balls at the same time, I bought a box, not my fav

  4. John Klaus says:

    Box groove wedges. Are they legal again or not?

    I get jack didn't want tiger to beat him, so he changed the wedge groove rules..

    But, tiger is gone jack, can I play with some real wedges again….

    Going back to 1940 in wedges wasn't the tech turn we all wanted. 😊

  5. Dariusz Bak says:

    I have innesis 500. Way better. And very forgiving.

  6. Brent says:

    I’d like to see a mid or higher handicap player use these, that would show the forgiveness of the set.

  7. Would love to see you review the Sub 70 clubs.

  8. Bluetoughguy says:

    Pretty similar to the cost of the cobra set at Costco. The difference for that set I believe is you don't get a bag.

  9. Osiris571 says:

    I think you should do 18 holes with another you tube golfer, or at least a9 hole scramble. Have them get a different bargain brand and see what two "pro" golfers can do. If you guys can do well with them, i think it would give a lot of new golfers confidence.

  10. pguray45 says:

    I watch quite a few golf videos why don't you guys use clubs that make the game easier for you you tell us to try clubs that help us hit golf ball easier but you never take your own advice just curious

  11. Kelly Coates says:

    Play 18 holes with them, see what you can shoot

  12. Lexx White says:

    I'm impressed. When you took the wrapper off that driver, by the look of it I was half expecting it to sound like an old Nike sasquatch 😂😂

  13. Bill Wallace says:

    Based on your (and other YouTuber's) review, I bought my wife the Inesis 7 piece starter set (the one with the combo 6/7 and 8/9 irons). The downside on that set was it did not come with a bag nor headcovers for the hybrid or putter. Those clubs helped her get started at a reasonable price, and it appears Inesis have improved the set by adding clubs and headcovers. A good value appears to have gotten better.

  14. You can get the bag by itself, it looks pure

  15. Love the chuckles after each shot. Really appreciate your love of bringing golf to the every-man. It's no longer embarassing to buy clubs you can afford and then developing your game VS buying top range clubs and then not being able to afford a lesson. Great content as always!

  16. yes golf should be cheaper

  17. Marco FD says:

    i got the last generation started set of this brand with the hybrid irons 6/7 and 8/9. im looking to add a few of these new ones to the bag to fill in the irons gaps. which iron number is best to get next? im thinking eather 4 or 5 iron and leaning most towards 5 as the old set came with a 4 iron lofted hybrid. love to hear anyones thoughts on it.

  18. When you do collabs again, would love to see a series where you and the guest use a set like this and see what you score

  19. larry larry says:

    work on your mikes James , little cracking in mikes

  20. The 900 look good did they have any in stock James

  21. I got cheap clubs and can always attribute my bad performances to myself playing badly. No club will fix a dodgy swing so if you get clubs that feel great and they work then use them until you are actually good enough to see an improvement from getting fitted

  22. Gordon Clark says:

    Hey James just a heads up, the sound on the last 2 vids haven’t been great. Great vid.

  23. Bigger minds says:

    One big problem with inesis dechlaton.. I have a set of their 500 irons. My no 7 was stolen with some other of my stuff. But I can't buy a new no7 from them ..

  24. Mike Reed says:

    Can I buy your swing at that store, then the clubs do not matter!!

  25. Dmkfactor says:

    Now that Adams is back, would love to see you review them. The prices are very very reasonable!

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