Latest #greetersguild shift at The Genesis Scottish Open with @PGATOUR featuring some heavy hitters from that particular world …


29 Replies to “⛳️SCOTTISH OPEN⛳️”

  1. 3allz says:

    "You're like a rockstar that swapped partying for skincare" had me laughing hard 🤣🤣

  2. Says it all without missing a beat. Outstanding

  3. Tim H says:

    This channel is bringing me great joy!

  4. Quartararo says:

    ADORABLE baby mullet!

  5. Andrew says:

    Kamaji from Spirited Away at 2:36. IYKYK

  6. Sara S. says:

    The Disney line had me cracking up lol

  7. Wooperdooper says:

    I love your work,its been making me smile so much

  8. CLU10123 says:

    Are we going to see you at Liverpool?

  9. Brilliant as always 😅

  10. K says:

    "quiet in WhatsApp groups yet still respected as a leader"

  11. sids says:

    Can I ask what are we supposed to be watching here ?

  12. Stu King says:

    Pure gold love it👍😀

  13. The creativity behind the praise is amazing.

  14. A rapid- fire charm assault! Steady on old chap- golf is a slow paced and measured game- you're pitching complimentary balls at these poor, befuddled blokes like a machine in a batting cage. I believe that you may have invented a new sport- some kind of high octane, overarm, frenetic golf- baseball- tennis- lacrosse- hurling hybrid. I, for one, would pay to see that, especially if it involves such impressive beards. For the love of Nigel, get it patented, man! AT ONCE! Suggested names?

  15. ignatiuskhan says:

    My, I learn so much English with you Troy. And you remind me of my short and skinny, invariably dolled up sexagenarian English teacher. She was adorable.

  16. Paul Oc says:

    Thank you sir …fantastic splendour

  17. Willett says:

    'Cheekbones to die for, honestly you could slice meat to the millimetre with those things' 😂😂😂

  18. krefffe says:

    The best I've seen in a long time. you make me smile my good sir

  19. Golf is utter toilet paper

  20. A B says:

    I think you should begin an apprenticeship program and send your minions all over the world.

  21. Pau Benjamin says:

    Adorable Baby Mullet. 😆

  22. I love Troy what a gent and a humorous old bean shoulders back and all that caper ❤

  23. Conor Smith says:

    That second smile and nod from Justin Rose is gold, touched his soul with that one, amazing to see someone with the ability to light people’s faces up in an instant, love it!

  24. gavin harvey says:

    This man is a national treasure, i for one vote in favour of a OBE, MBE and even Knighthood

  25. Matthew says:

    "I bet you were a cherub in infant school"

    Never change, Troy.

  26. Sam Lee says:

    JT and Spieth managed to avoid him 😂

  27. Brill keep them coming haha

  28. John Baldwin says:

    You both bring joy to the people you meet and to the people who watch your channel. Thank you Troy!

  29. Paul Fraser says:

    Tyrell with a sense of humour bypass. Focused?

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