1 Hour With Padraig Harrington "I enjoyed playing with Tiger"

We caught up with 3-time major champion & golf hall of famer Padraig Harrington at the 151st Open Championship at Royal Liverpool.

This exclusive chat covers his winning mentality, beating Tiger, his football obsession and lifelong stories of a hall of fame golfer.

Huge thanks to Wilson Golf for having us!

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37 Replies to “1 Hour With Padraig Harrington "I enjoyed playing with Tiger"”

  1. Paddy is a hyper talented thinking and athletic golfer. He never had that it factor, mostly because he didn’t care about marketing himself. Now he is turning into golfing Gandalf!

  2. Kenny says:

    This is the best! ever interview for quality and information, and when it comes to golf. I've listened to so! Many. I could listen to Padraig all day!

  3. So glad to have seen this a really fascinating chat with an absolute legend it was interesting to hear Jay and Padraigs view on their sport and what’s needed to be successful. Keep up the good work Jay and Trey

  4. Jeezez Padraig… cheap golf in Ireland… best part of 300 euro for Lahinch, Ballybunion etc

  5. Chris Dunne says:

    Great chat boys. A real conversation; to-ing and fro-ing. Got a lot out of that and it didn't feel like an hour either. You struck gold with Paddy there. Good luck ☘

  6. Padraig is a top bloke. Great player and gentleman. By the way Haaland will never be as good as Messi.

  7. Mike Barnard says:

    I really didn’t get Paddy all those years ago and almost feel shame I didn’t respect his Open achievements. Now I’m becoming a fan of … everything he does and says.. be it YouTube, Seniors, PGA and DP tours.
    His knowledge, wisdom and experience is unparalleled, blend that with the most listenable voice in golf and he is … the Best.

  8. Mr Snowdon says:

    Beilliant, I was absoloutely riveted to the screen, a wonderful interview.
    I,ve met Arnold Palmer and had aftenoon tea with Gary Player but to spend an hour with this man would be a dream ,you are two lucky men. Good work boys keep it up.

  9. Craig says:

    Man I absolutely loved this, totally relaxed and awesome conversation 👍👍

  10. Rob Pearson says:

    Really enjoyed this, I can relate to Jay wanting his swing to look nice etc, my pro wants me to be far more aggressive with my swing. Can listen to Padraig all day. Have subscribed.

  11. Brian O'S says:

    Could listen to Paddy for hours! Good stuff lads

  12. Birty says:

    Jay claiming Haaland has no football intelligence and comparing him to aubameyang is just embarrassing, Padraig great as always

  13. Lee Parry says:

    Could listen to Paddy all day – so much wisdom as he’s got older 🙏🏼

  14. pj duff says:

    Totally agree with jay , Haaland will only ever be great on paper the others are great on the eye

  15. Jarrat says:

    Padraig is so interesting. I feel like his knowledge for average golfers is among the best out there. His tips are brilliant. Great interview guys.

  16. 100herron says:

    Different gravy. Great interview and Padraig is class

  17. Fitzy 0623 says:

    One my favorite golfers ever. Love this guy.

  18. Wonderful interview. Thank you

  19. zor nob says:

    Great insight – Thanks Paddy.

  20. MRMEMM11 says:

    Could listen to Padraig all day!

  21. Claymould says:

    Great stuff 🏌️👍

  22. Gary Lucas says:

    Paddy is becoming my favourite golfer , not only a great player but also giving back his knowledge to us less fortunate to help us play better…👏

  23. Good interview: interesting guy Padraig and good insights on sport psychology. But his “ I can’t control the media – I’m not Trump” comment is so outlandishly off the mark, you wonder what political world he lives in. Does he seriously believe Trump gets good press??

  24. Think Paddy is a great guy. Would listen to him talk all day long

  25. Golfmax101 says:

    Such an intelligent and interesting man, my favourite golfer of the modern era 👍🏻

  26. Steve Murch says:

    Fantastic interview, one of the best i have listened to. What a man.

  27. Jeff Taylor says:

    I have no idea how i stumbled upon this, but it was brilliant. The playing golf vs playing golf swing topic you guys covered was a great conversation.

  28. Great stuff..paddy is from up the road to me..legennnnd

  29. Cú Chulainn says:

    Gentleman and Irish icon of the sport. 3 time major winner, what a man.

  30. barry colmer says:

    Great show and what a super star and gent Padraig is. Got to see him play on the first day of the open and he just looked so relaxed and taking it all in. Good stuff

  31. john brown says:

    just seen you Guys on tubes, QUALITY stuff gents, want always to support pure people………cheese and breadcrumbs ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  32. Damn. 2mins and and given golden info.

  33. jimbobg82 says:

    Love paddy I really do, but don't mention Leeds as a sample club.

  34. Keith Gibson says:

    What a great interview…. You boys together have a very relaxed style soothes the interviewee…

  35. Harry Chic says:

    🧀 and 🍞 crumbs 👌

  36. Please pick him for the Rider cup

  37. Mark Howard says:

    Padraig is a legend

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