Bob's Big Failure

The Boys dive into Bob’s recent blunder, revisiting the Wendy’s Debacle, and close with Top 5 Shots

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27 Replies to “Bob's Big Failure”

  1. OShowGolf says:

    Mikey V I believe you brother. We do have Aliens out here somewhere chillin. Us Michael’s got to stick together. They call me Mikey O

  2. West LaPier says:

    Gotta be an idiot to not think there’s extraterrestrial life

  3. Indiannah says:

    13:04 found joes Celsius 😂

  4. You missed an absolute gem " youngblood". Rob lowe is hollywood royality. Like jason bateman .

  5. S says:

    18:23 this is why I love this pod 😂😂

  6. What's with the screen in the intro boys? wanna see the entire cast, not just the speaker…

  7. Nick Bailey says:

    Having a social media post be that exciting for someone is pretty sad…

  8. Hahahah the pause after the compensation question 😂 i think the boys need a raise Robert

  9. Real ones know about skrewball💯

  10. isaac angell says:

    To answer your phone comment about the alien thing is think about when someone is trying to record a fight on their phone how bad it is because they’re watching it with their eyes and not watching it thru the phone but also trying to record at the same time

  11. Good to see Black Haus getting a shout out from Mikey V!

  12. Arnold being brought up twice in two different contexts is pretty special

  13. Mikey, the Alien stuff is a distraction from the crimes the Bidens are involved in and it’s clearly working on you.

  14. Jon Orr says:

    Fire and ice shot is pretty good. Rumplemintz and fire ball

  15. J Niloff says:

    If you want to feel pain order a shot of half rumplemint and half jager

  16. Scout Ciora says:

    5. Flaming Dr. Pepper
    4. Johnny vegas
    3. Mini beer
    2. White Tea Shot
    1. Jager Bomb (the king)

  17. Bob thinking that humans are the only living thing in the universe is so on brand xD also his explanation of parasailing was very larry david-esque

  18. Bob found a spare bedroom at his parent's friends with better lighting than his "studio" ouch….

  19. Celceius in the background of the sponsor video right after the not sponsored comment lol. Love you guys

  20. To the moon fellas 🍻

  21. Best show on the internet 🛜 hands down !!

  22. 47:25 is that an actual sentence?

  23. 44:30 … Cameo = $100 a pop x’s 50 a day = $5000 … Bob can afford it 😂😂

  24. Rob Lowe = 100% A list actor. IMO

  25. Joe…Dentist….litany……. 😂😂😂😂

  26. @BobDoesSports just want you to know that I think you’re doing a beautiful job and trying as hard as you can. And myself and thousands of others would exult in joy to do it FOR FREE at the drop of a hat. I’m so dam sick of welding, let me intern to join the show lol. Look me up Bob, I got your back. ❤

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