10 YEARS being a GOLF PRO, and I didn't know some of these RULES… #golf #golftips #golfrules

Some of the craziest golf rules I didn’t know, and I’ve been a golf professional for 10 years! If I didn’t know these rules, you won’t either!

Today we’re on the golf course at Huddersfield Golf Club re-enacting golf scenarios to bring some of golf craziest rules to life!

Come and join us for a RULES without JULES @garymartingolf


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Welcome to Gary Martin Golf, I am a PGA Professional based at Huddersfield Golf Club, West Yorkshire. I started my YouTube channel during lockdown whilst being Furloughed and unable to work.

My goal is to be the peoples golf YouTuber. All my help and advise is unbiased with our subscribers best interest at heart. I want to share my knowledge and understanding of golf and golf products, to help other golfers avoid making all the mistakes I did in my 20 years playing and working within the golf industry.

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Gary Martin


30 Replies to “10 YEARS being a GOLF PRO, and I didn't know some of these RULES… #golf #golftips #golfrules”

  1. Duffer Dave says:

    Excellent, well-explained, and entertaining. I'd like to see more of these. BTW, Old guys are ALWAYS right.

  2. T says:

    They need to have someone with a minimum half a brain to rewrite the USGA rules book….🤪🤪🤪😂😂😂

  3. Kieran Gibbs says:

    Wow eagle my mind is blown, But your explanation made complete sence, once ball is holed it's over.
    Another rule that is crazy: if you hit your tee shot and it ends within your teeing aera(two club lengths from tee markers no nearer the hole) you can put it back on a tee anywhere within the teeing aera including closer to the hole then where your ball finished!

  4. Wahgwarn says:

    Hey Gaz, the way you’re delivering this rules info is brilliant an really entertaining…

    Keep em coming… 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  5. Richard R says:

    What's the official ruling if you had landed behind that bench near the out of bounds marker ?

  6. phil shield says:

    Shocked about the bunker rule & the Eagle. Great info Gary. Come on Jules let's have you back on the vlogs

  7. Loved this like you just started YT again. Could see the eagle thing being an issue if it happen in stroke or match play.

  8. Dave Delacy says:

    We all need to work on knowing the rules of golf, glad to see your using your Scotty Cameron Go-Lo Putter

  9. Paul Winsor says:

    Are you not improving your lie by hitting the white post ?

  10. Eagle as the hole has been completed as soon as the ball is in the hole

  11. C S says:

    I saw the rule about discovering your ball in the hole earlier this month. It is the correct ruling of eagle.

  12. Great to see rules of golf being shown again and explained perfectly, it would be great to see jules back on the channel

  13. The rule on not being allowed to move the out of bounds post is just another example of stupid out of date nonsense that needs to be removed ….it’s stupid rules like that that put people off from playing…..let common sense prevail 🤷🏻‍♂️

  14. Tim Ackland says:

    Is the oob post the same for internal out of bounds as it's not the boundary of the course?

  15. It's an Eagle as once the ball is in the hole that hole has been completed.

  16. David Jones says:

    It's an interesting series but I have to confess, most rules in golf are bonkers. It must put lots of people off from joining a club to compete. Most of the time there's absolutely no common sense to the majority of them. Even you as a pro don't know them so what chance have the rest of us. How many times do you watch an event where they call for a rules official! I'll stick to social golf with my mates ta

  17. Stuey Leach says:

    Nice one this Gaz…..more of it please. Will definitely save some arguments 😂😂

  18. Gaz Heaton says:

    From a newish golfers perspective the rules videos are priceless

  19. Ken Eves says:

    Eagle,hole finished when ball hits the bottom of the hole and stays in

  20. I think it's a bogey as you declared the first ball lost.

  21. Guy R says:

    Love little snippets like this on the rules, strange one with the OOB stakes as they are a man made object in the course. But good to know.
    Penalties are strange as in golf there is the general penalty which is two shots and then penalties which are one shot. Then there is strokeplay V matchplay.
    Eg teeing off outside of teeing zone, in strokeplay it’s 2 shots and replay your drive. Many think it’s one shot

  22. Liam C says:

    Eagle as the ball has come to step/rest…. I think

  23. NR66 says:

    Would love to see more like this Gaz !😊

  24. roger schuck says:

    Gaz this is a must series, golf monthly do this but not often enough, you will certainly help golfers out, at our club we get a local rules official in for a rule night when he is home from tour jury. More please

  25. “It’s not Science Rocket” 🤣🤣

  26. Clobber 66 says:

    Popleler 😆 love it Gaz.
    Some great rules there to help us nuggets out. White stake no penalty I would say.

  27. Andrew Cross says:

    I would say no penalty for hitting on marker on backswing??

  28. Karl Apps says:

    I would have thought that was a bogey 😮

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