The Rules of Pickleball – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains – The Rules of Pickleball. A relatively new (and popular) racket sport that’s similar to Tennis, Badminton, Squash and Table Tennis. It’s a lot easier to learn and pick up, a lot less stressful on the body and is an accessible alternative to these traditional sports.

Specific to the International Federation of Pickleball rules, watch this short beginner’s tutorial video guide on how Pickleball is played, Pickleball rules, and how to play and watch pickleball. Learn about points, volley, two bounce rule, the kitchen, paddles, and more.

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Music: ‘The Grid’ by Capcom
Narrated, Directed and Produced by Ninh Ly

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31 Replies to “The Rules of Pickleball – EXPLAINED!”

  1. Ninh Ly says:

    So Pickleball has been requested on and off for years, but I only decided to make it now after realising that it's more popular I ever imagined.
    Cool way to get into other racket sports, or if you just want an easier to pick up sport to learn.
    Help me out by sharing this video where you can! More views = more content.

  2. Why couldn’t cricket be the sport the exploded in popularity instead

  3. Very poor demonstration.

  4. Discordos says:

    Really funny very short song about pickleball:

  5. Brad Trott says:

    Question on the two bounce rule….can the second bounce land in the kitchen?

  6. JxD Vidz says:

    So it’s medium ping pong with a middle danger zone

  7. I prefer the so-called “complicated” rules of tennis and table tennis.

  8. Dan C says:

    What if the server misses the box or hits the net on their serve? That’s it for them I assume then?

  9. dawgyv72 says:

    The funniest thing about this activity is that even the best players look like their playing a middle-school gym class game lol

  10. John Bradley says:

    Hello and Greetings from Ireland 🇮🇪.
    Personally =
    🤭 I saw this "GAME" being played for MANY years.
    thought it was a { "Warm – Up" "Limbering – Up the Body" } EXERCISE; till the Real "TENNIS" Match / Game BEGINS 🤭 !
    🤔 Thanks to "YOURSELF { "Ninh Ly" } and 🎾 🇧🇪 BELGIUM ~ Female Tennis Legend { "Kim Clijsters" } 🇧🇪 🎾.
    Was ~
    INVENTED / CREATED in 1965, America 🇺🇲! 🤔
    I am :
    SURE "Once a Person ~
    Learns the RULES" ,
    Could have been "PICKETBALL ~ GrandSlam CHAMPION 🏆" :
    by Now.

  11. Great video! Concise and very informative for pickle ball rules! Thank you

  12. In the US in singles the service does not always start from the right hand court. The service location depends upon the score. If your score is even you serve from the right hand court. If the serve is odd you serve from the left hand court. It appears that the doubles service rules in the US may be a bit different from these UK rules too.

  13. vinzanity68 says:

    Just remove the sideout rule. Volleyball already dispensed with that.

  14. Ken Lowe says:

    Great video, as I was looking for further information about Pickleball… but… I did laugh at closing comment:
    "Pickleball is literally that simple to understand, without all the complicated rules of the other sports"… after they took five minutes to explain those rules!

    I think racquetball, tennis and squash have less rules combined! hehehehehe

  15. tjenissa says:

    Great sport butttt not happy ppl ,1 rule is don't play.

  16. it's funny we have 8 courts, I have now bin down to the courts 9 times, and due to so many people playing this daft game one cannot even get on, I have still not played a game.Maybe I will take up cricket,….

  17. video would be more useful without the annoying music.

  18. This sport sounds really, really lame.

  19. So, I just found out today that rules are not applied the same to amateurs and pros. If that is true, how ridiculous…the rules should be uniform up and down the levels of PB

  20. Ninh Ly , I have created a sport
    Quite entertaining
    Needs your help 🙏

  21. Rene Garza says:

    Thank you ! Played my first game last night !

  22. Wolverine says:

    I should also mention there are a few things you missed with the Kitchen. You got it right that you cannot volley the ball with a foot in the kitchen, however you also cannot land in the kitchen when you hit a volley. Also, if you are in the kitchen and do not establish yourself outside of the kitchen and you volley the ball, it is a kitchen foul and the point is lost.

  23. Why play and score pickleball like volley ball? If serving and u win rally, u win point. If opp wins rally its their side out and they serve.. Receiving You either play the deuce or the add side, no rotating?

  24. Steve K says:

    Stupid, stupid music.

  25. Thank you for your videos, Ninh! They’re a fantastic teaching resource.

  26. John Rossi says:

    Having my first hit-out tonight in Australia – decided to check the rules, seems simple enough. Have played tennis before but this requires less power as such and more finesse. See how I go!

  27. Thank you! This video finally explained the second serve rule clearly so I understood.

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