$1,000 vs $100,000 Golf Membership!

The difference between a $1,000 and $100,000 golf membership was SUPER interesting, Can’t miss this one!

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29 Replies to “$1,000 vs $100,000 Golf Membership!”

  1. Joe Newman says:

    I love grants channel anyone else agree then hit that like button and show him

  2. Tudor Golf says:

    lol you skipped hole 1 and went to hole 2!

  3. The links is my home course love it

  4. Grants first shot on the 100K course was ridiculous! He's so solid, it's like a robot golf machine hitting the ball!

  5. Mike Henke says:

    Come play Banff, AB Canada! Silvertip and Stewart Creek!

  6. sean korbas says:

    Henry correcting you twice at the end of the $1,000 course match was the highlight of my day. Absolutely hysterical

  7. Lee Fisher says:

    48:03 – This is a pear four hole.

  8. Daniel Owen says:

    I will never understand ppl getting mad at a ball coming close to them, than "saying something"… they should take up pool.

  9. A 1000 USD membership is kind of standard where I live (Northern Europe). Sure, there are super luxurious country clubs but that's really rare.

  10. Joe says:

    Comish Pears if you can find them will change your life. Not sure of my spelling.

  11. It’s gonna take Henry some time to get dialed with his new sticks. Can’t wait to see him get that stripe confidence.

  12. freshboy7777 says:

    Missed opportunity for a Good Good on hole 6th. You both could’ve walked out with birdie instead of par…

  13. Bigdrip2002 says:

    What was the 2nd course called?

  14. "I think they play tennis on sand like this" has gotta be one of my favorite quotes lol a Grant vs Henry series is a must

  15. I got Henrys swing for sure. Makes me feel better about it

  16. Please get a haircut lol

  17. Just a great guy making great videos

  18. Joe Dimaio says:

    Initiation or monthly fee ?

  19. A.O.13 says:

    Who wants to see Grant play the longest course in North America?!? RainDance National Resort Windsor Colorado!! Do it!!

  20. David Deboy says:

    The fairways for the 100k are just insanely too wide. You'll never get better.

  21. Austin says:

    imagine spending 100k a year to spend golf and thinking thats an ok thing to do.

  22. The 1000 course is my home course! I was so surprised to see that😂

  23. Logan Ram says:

    Love the videos and content, would love to see you play at Egypt Valley country club golf course in Michigan. Never played there but have been there for my cousin’s wedding and it looked insane.

  24. Enjoy the GH/HG pairing much more than GH/MM.

  25. After seeing him in several videos now, I can officially say I like Henry's energy. Need more of him

  26. Don says:

    The thumbnail for this video has Grant looking like the most homo golfer to ever walk on Earth.

  27. Bob R says:

    Did the $1000 membership include greens fees?

  28. Grants hair in this video 😂

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