15k Q&A! HIT Training, Intermediate Mistakes, and More

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Thanks everybody for 15k!

0:00 Thank you
1:23 Are rest days important?
2:58 How to tell if a new lift is working?
5:17 Thoughts on NHs take on fictional goal physiques?
6:42 Should I add sets if I’m progressing with low volume?
9:35 Why thumbless grip on reverse curls?
10:04 Stance on RIR and recovery?
11:56 What is optimal exercise variety for growth?
14:20 What’s your daily activity level?
15:29 Advice for transitioning from Upper Lower to PPL?
17:07 Thoughts on HIT?
21:14 Is powerlifting on a cut viable?
23:10 Thoughts on Alex Leonidas’ volume and exercise variety method?
25:09 Do you use any intensity techniques aside from partials?
23:22 What are the most common intermediate mistakes?
29:27 Why did you switch from Upper Lower to ULPPL?
31:49 Can you bias the inner chest?
34:46 Is block periodization useful for hypertrophy?
37:37 Any safety tips for squats?
40:31 Thoughts on lifting being far right?
42:44 How to work around bad butt wink on squats?
44:42 How would you program for a construction worker?
45:53 Will you ever return to strength training with the big 3?
46:33 Is deloading necessary for bodybuilding?
48:06 How to develop a physique that looks good in clothes?
49:21 Do you have a goal physique?
51:17 How do I know if I’m doing junk volume?
52:19 Is following a bad program better than program hopping on good programs?


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  1. Thanks everyone

    If you have a question you want answered in the next one, leave it in the comments here. Upvote any other questions you like, and I’ll include those as well!

  2. stevo92 says:

    This channel is fucking awesome. Just found this after watching Alan Thrall. Ive been stuck for the past 4 or 5 years thinking squat, bench, deadlift, ohp are kings and everything else is bullshit. Got so caught up with starting strength that I forgot why I started lifting in the first place. To see Alan Thrall embrace this type of training is great. I just think the space is occupied by too many flashy influencers on PEDs that it made me think the whole style of training is for douche bags and 'real men' train for strength. Fuck it I cant wait to start a proper hypertrophy program and enjoy my training again.

  3. raygen gamer says:

    Honestly man I found this channel about a week ago. And it's nice. I've watched a lot of content. And it sounds to me like you are pretty authentic. Thank you!

  4. LMA says:

    hey bro, i am a 15 year old, been training for almost a year now, am passionate about weightlifting / bodybuilding. the people at my gym recommend me not to lift weight that are heavy, and claim that doing so will result in an injury. this year, my bench went from 30kg to 50kg (I'm 48kg BW) what would you say I should do?

  5. G says:

    Alan Thrall gave you a shout in his latest video!

  6. Bachioradialis not radiobachialis 😂

  7. Unsuitable says:

    If I have two chest pressing movements in a program, is two unilateral movements overkill?

    Currently using a unilateral incline machine chest press and DB incline chest press. The machine press has been pretty consistent in terms of the feeling and connection to the chest. The DB press can vary week to week as Im still trying to find the right angles for it. With that said, I'm debating if it would be wise to keep the machine press and swap to a straight bar movement. If that's the case then I would like to try out the incline smith press.

    Perhaps if one unilateral movement was incline and the other flat it would be fine, but both or incline. It may not be varried enough. Do note, there is a fly movement plus DB pullover (more lat focus but there's some chest). So there is a good amount of stretching of the chest.

  8. Really enjoyed this one, Landon. You remind me of how I picture Steve Shaw as a younger lifter. Same mentality/beliefs. Love it! 🔥

  9. ethan0702 says:

    You with the butt wink, try some squat shoes too

  10. Turo says:

    So the thing i always wonder even almost 3 years into lifting now is when people say you should be improving your lifts by a rep or weight etc. every week. But does this mean every exercise in my workout needs to improve every week? Still dont get that

  11. scott morse says:

    The idea from HIT that you shouldn't go over what you need to grow because it eats into recovery has been helpful for me as a manual laborer, especially in the summer. For someone who has a desk job or something and has a more recovery to spend probably wouldn't see much difference applying HIT principles.

  12. ProphetFear says:

    My inner chest gets as sore as the outer chest, is it still in doubt? Methods include really focusing on lateral movement of the arms and a deep stretch. Two of us were doing flared close grip bench to the nipple line with barely any arch and felt the stretch on the inside. All of the lateral flypresses and dips really pull on the origin pec fibers.

  13. Congrats on 15k bro!

  14. Alex Marius says:

    Congrats on 15k!!
    Question for the next Q&A:
    Would it be considered program hopping if you swap a few exercises sometimes but keep the same movement pattern? (at least from a hypertrophy point of view) For example doing db press instead of bb press or machine rows instead of bb rows

  15. Wayfarer says:

    I've recently taken the HIT pill, and I have to admit I'm really enjoying my training. I'm trialing two higher intensity days at the beginning of the week, and two more volume focused days at the end. The best of both worlds, as it were.

  16. HardestShard says:

    Question for next QNA –
    I always do 4 hard sets per muscle group per session(PPL) and am seeing decent progress, nowhere near a plateau. Almost everyone at my gym does 3 sets per exercise and minimum of 3 exercises per muscle. Am I leaving gains on the table?
    ME- chest = 4*incline press and maybe sometimes a flat dumbell burner set
    X- chest = 3*flat bench + 3*incline +3*decline

  17. Leo10 says:

    Have you heard of 'body by science'? By dr doug mcguff?

    Claims you only need to do the big 5 exercises once per week. Selling point is your workout is done in 12 minutes.

    One set to failure on chest press, overhead press, pull down, horizontal pull and leg press.

    Each exercise has at least a 4 second positive and 4 second negative and the set must be at least 2 minutes of time under tension to add weight to the exercise.

  18. I’ve always seen deloads as a sign you’re pushing as hard as you can. Not every other week but something like 8-12 weeks. You’d end up with more yearly sets even with the deloads but it’s probably not good for longevity

  19. Great video BB so many great questions & Answers!notes taken💪🏽

  20. deepz says:

    growing fast brother, keep it up !!

  21. Thad says:

    Im on my first bulk size and im gaining 2.2 lbs per week. If i reduce 100200 kcals i suddenly dont gain anyweight. Its like all or nothing. What is going on my bulk journey?

  22. Clay bowman says:

    A question for next Q&A:
    I know you tend to prioritize very stable targeted movements like machines, what do think of front squats, bent rows and other movements that are limited by something other than the prime mover especially when it’s pulling from a recovery pool that is abundant? Is it ever worth it if there’s something else you can do?

  23. Can lightwalks or light Liss sessions be included on rest days?

  24. Question for next Q&A : What do you think is the best split (beside Upper Lower) for someone who can train 4 days a week and is not really crazy about the legs? 😀 With what would you pair leg training and how many exercises per day would you have?

    Thanks a lot, keep up the good work.

  25. Congrats on 15k!!! Expanding on the regional hypertrophy topic, what are your thoughts/possible strategies for fixing muscle imbalances(in my chest for example)? For context I rotated in barbell bench press for a higher stimulus in my outer chest and just for fun tbh, but I find that my chest imbalance(possible due to shoulder tightness on the side causing it to take over) is either maintained or even accentuated by my rotation and subsequent growth from benching

  26. Chad Kirk says:

    Thanks for the answers, Basement! I do feel like 4 sets is a bit too much to fully recover from. I will dial it back to 2 to see how it goes.

  27. El hincador says:

    Hey BB i am making progress every week with HIT. Tho i dont do just 1 set becouse i need more. I need two for now, maybe when i am an elite level (in most lifts i am advanced) i would need a little more volume but untill then i dint think so.
    Also look at JESUS VARELA BILBO he is the best bench presser of spain in natural federations, and he looks like a muscular father would look, i dont know what it is but he is one of the only ones i trust on being natty.
    Anyway he trains 40 mins in the chest days and he goes all out with a method something like a westside and HIT all mixed together (becouse he trusts high reps and also relatively low volume)
    Also BB read the study on this guy compared with the Borostiaga method, it is called Borostiaga y Bilbo something like that i think the method of progression of this guy is insanelly smart.
    Anyway cheers BB.


  28. Congratulations brother, comment for the algorithm

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