Golf Rules: When to Take Unplayable

Sean Casey discusses the unplayable lie rule and how it can save you a stroke.

Sean is the Director of Instruction at the ClubLink Academy at Glen Abbey in Oakville, ON.

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12 Replies to “Golf Rules: When to Take Unplayable”

  1. Joy Russell says:

    this is not good advice , he should show details by detail how to relief your ball clearly.he should nor pick his ball first,.. he should go ahead mark it and then measure it every length.

  2. Spakuloid says:

    Thanks for this. Very clear.

  3. Rose Aussie says:

    Don't teach something if you are not going to do it correctly. That is, before you pick your ball up, Mark it's position with a tee, otherwise you will incur a 2 stroke penalty in stroke play or loss of hole in Match Play.

  4. I agree, I could have found a better tree for this one. Hope you all have a good season!

  5. You don't have to turn the club around. You can hit it with the back of the club head. 

  6. bigmaxy07 says:

    I'd chance the backhanded shot from there, you'd hit it further than 2 club lengths.

  7. Cayman King says:

    Now you still have the tree above your head so you cant use the wedge you need.

  8. RattleheadPT says:

    You can also do this inside a bunker, but the drop needs to be inside also.

  9. RattleheadPT says:

    Yes. Any of the three alternatives have a 1 stroke penalty.

  10. Jeff S says:

    do you also incur a 1 stroke penalty if dropping the ball along the extended line from the flag to the ball?

  11. Ay Jay says:

    Do you get a penalty stroke for that?

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