#2 MAGPIE CIRCLE LIVE | With Mark Stallard & Chloe Page

7 Replies to “#2 MAGPIE CIRCLE LIVE | With Mark Stallard & Chloe Page”

  1. Hey guys, Wrexhwm fan here. I started watching you guys last year. I'm looking forward to following you and rooting that we both have great seasons.

  2. Jake Haymes says:

    Added time should help us if we still a possession team. Opponents might get tired.

  3. Jake Haymes says:

    Chris withe was ace. As was Aki L

  4. Jake Haymes says:

    What is the email address for magpie circle? Anyone know? Ta. Coyp !!

  5. paul mace says:

    Live reaction to Macca Langstaff signing a new four year contract – Mark Stallard and Chloe Page give their thoughts and views

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