The Absolutely Insane Lifestyle of John Daly

How did John Daly blow through over 50 million dollars? Find out all about it in this video!

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Early Life
John Daly was born in the city of Carmichael, California, back in 1966. But it wasn’t until his family moved to Arkansas that he started playing golf, when he was just 4 years old. His family moved around a lot when he was a kid.

Professional Volatility
Part of what made Daly famous among all fans was his unpredictable play. He could play exceptionally well one day, while playing absolutely terrible the next day. To perfectly illustrate this, take what happened at the Bay Hill Invitational back in 1998.

Personal Volatility
Daly’s personal life has been on full display in the media ever since he turned professional. One of his most well known personal stories happened in June 2007. Daly and his fourth wife got into a heated argument at a restaurant in Memphis, Tennessee during one of his tournaments.

Then there was the gambling. Daly had a reputation as a reckless gambler. He admitted that gambling addiction nearly ruined his life. One famous gambling story didn’t have anything to do with him losing, but actually winning!

Earning power
So how much money did Daly make? According to the PGA Tour, Daly has earned roughly $10.2 million dollars in his more than 25 years as a professional golfer. Then there are the millions of dollars he’s made with endorsement deals and media work.

The Rush
Everything changed for John when he had one of the biggest wins of his life in 1991 at the PGA Championship. The ironic thing was, he wasn’t even supposed to have played in the tournament. He was the ninth alternate!

Amex Championship Rush
It was simply the action of gambling that was more alluring than the actual result. Daly only wanted the adrenaline and he didn’t care about winning the money. He simply loved the action.

Gambling Totals
All the millions Daly lost were done in a span of 17 years. From 1991 to 2007, Daly lost on average $3.2 million a year. How did he know so much about his losses?

Gambling, drinking and Daly’s obsession with Diet Coke were the constant topics in the media. Daly claims that at one point he drank over 500 gallons of Diet Coke a year! He used to drink anywhere from 12-20 Diet Cokes per day.

John Daly 2021
But where’s Daly now today? He’s still playing golf, and he still gets paid to do appearances. And he also sells his own memorabilia himself out of his tour bus all around the country!


33 Replies to “The Absolutely Insane Lifestyle of John Daly”

  1. This must be the only guy on Earth that lost more money on gambling than on 4 divorces…

  2. Lichtsoldat says:

    Doesn't Daly know Aspartame is a know carcinogen?? I'm not surprised he got bladder cancer. That artificial sweetener should never have been released to the public. I knew it was a carcinogen about 25 years ago.

  3. DontLookBack says:

    he's not dead yet?

  4. Boyer Ranch says:

    Saying Daly “easily could have won more majors” is crazy. He won two. Like 20 dudes (modern era) have ever done that. Who was he gonna beat those years? Tiger? C’mon man

  5. ErlingEra says:

    “Was a legendary golfer”? You mean he “is a legendary golfer”?

  6. Giving $30k to that family was kind.

  7. Larry Hoover says:

    Johns the definition of a big hoss

  8. Is this the guy Happy Gilmore was based off of?

  9. Don Ron says:

    Imagine his greatness if he took care of himself…

  10. Sammy Lacks says:

    Daly and Johnny Mansel must be related.

  11. He reminds me of a step dad who just discovered golfing and decided, eh fuck it might as well

  12. Andy Ward says:

    So he spent most of his money on booze, women and gambling and wasted the rest

  13. David Garcia says:

    A favorite movie… Carlitos way.. awesome story..

  14. David Garcia says:

    JUANITO'S WAY… great story keep em coming….

  15. John Warnke says:

    He threw his club in the water at whistling straits 😅 not the Australian championship? Lol very credible

  16. Anyone that loses that much on gambling is brain-dead. Like pro footballers who gamble – skill downstairs but nothing upstairs.

  17. Xenna C says:

    Despite all of the issues he had, the sheer talent he had is astounding! Imagine if he had worked out, stayed away from gambling and women, worked on his health and went to bed early before tournaments….

  18. he was a freak of nature that smoked his face off too

  19. Peter Myers says:

    Wild man, great athlete, interesting personality. God bless him.

  20. Terry B says:

    Daly is incredible. If he were born earlier he could have been a character on Caddyshack. 😁

  21. locky says:

    alcohol ruined him. Dont drink that shit

  22. Lion roaring distance baby

  23. Noah Sherman says:

    Losing 1.65 million dollars is insane for 1 sit down 😂 also the guy that got him hooked on cigs is a dick 😂

  24. Kyle Sneddin says:

    Amazing video but some constructive criticism slow down speaking I’m autistic and it was hard to understand sometimes

  25. My absolute favorite golfer by a mile. John fucking Daly. Dude punching darts and drinking coke while playing golf, my kind of guy.

  26. $55 million? That's more than my dad made in his entire life…

  27. Daily is a man that knows how to live life.
    He's great!

  28. This guy defines living life.

  29. 90mil loss. He could have bought his own casino..

  30. SparkBerry says:

    If Florida played golf

  31. Brandon says:

    Ad by fan dual lmao

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