2 Ways to Practice the Lead Arm Move

I’ve been working with a lot of students recently to get in and out of the pocket correctly so I thought we would deliver that instruction to you guys. This is one of the first problems I tackle with students and is obviously super important.

Video where Loopghost mentions elbow drive: https://youtu.be/b13Js1KRzYs?t=83

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0:00 – Have you watched it?
1:50 – Setup
2:14 – The Loopghost way
4:50 – The Chris way
5:46 – Rhythm baby
6:48 – Slow down dude
7:30 – Patreon plug
7:44 – Drop the bass


35 Replies to “2 Ways to Practice the Lead Arm Move”

  1. Intrinsic29 says:

    Quick question: do you think the part of the throw where the arm goes through the hit should be actively pushed by the arm muscles? I see conflicting advice on this from various sources. Some say the arm muscles should be completely unused in the throw but I feel like when I actively push my arm through the hit I get noticeably more speed and power on it.

  2. Is the elbow leading due to you pulling your arm across or does it start with the rotation of the hips and the shoulders/arm follows?

  3. Rydal1 says:

    Hello sir, can you come to europe?

  4. Octo Junkapa says:

    Could you explain why eagle and Simon has their elbow significantly lower then this?

  5. ciro massa says:

    I love your content bro, but your latest videos are very confusing. First, if this is so important, why weren't you teaching this earlier. Do coaches GATEKEEP? I don't understand this grip, IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO KEEP WRIST CURLED ON A FULL SPEED THROW WITH FOLLOW THRU. PLEASE,PLEASE,PLEASE EXPLAIN THIS BETTER AS IT.SEEMS VERY IMPORTANT TO YOU.

  6. Clay Carroll says:

    Online coaches change their stance so often on backhand form. Its ridiculous.

  7. The audio cue thing could be very helpful for trial consistency. Thanks.

  8. Matt Miller says:

    Perfect practice makes permanent a perfect product.

  9. One thing to caution your audience: Don't let your arm go ahead of the torso. You're using examples that do that, to demonstrate what the arm needs to do, but the upper arm should largely be in the same relative position as your torso, as the both rotate together. It's one thing to do this as a part of a drill, for demonstration purposes, but it'll reduce accuracy and distance overall if the torso remains parallel to release, and the arm does all the work. That essentially becomes "strong arming" the disc, and hurts more than it helps. 🙂

  10. glangho says:

    I've watched most of your videos over the years and I have to say these last few have been some of the best videos to learn from since the Beto drill. I felt a lot of your early stuff focused on how to throw like a professional and something Stokely teaches is that we're all built different so trying to emulate the pros to learn is unrealistic. You've done an amazing job breaking down "the right stuff" into basic mechanics particularly in this and the backhand timing videos. Also you're looking great Josh keep up the hard work.

  11. Jake Bevaart says:

    The quality of your videos are getting better and better. Someone at O.T is getting pretty good with the special effects. As always great information and instruction.

  12. Ian McNear says:

    That ad alone is worth a like.

  13. Hunter Kyle says:

    The say "form is for the field." But let me tell you… I watch these and try them for the first time on the teepad of #1 at the local B-tier. Up, up, down, up seemed to work that way lol

  14. I am so glad I found this channel. I have watched a lot of tutorials and tips on YouTube, but you really stand out. You explain it superbly, give examples for great drills, break things down so even someone like me (45y old, not very athletic) can understand. On top of that you are funny and likeable. Now I have several moments that I can practice (right now the windthingy with the bottle, and learning the right release point). And everything is still shit and I only through 160 feet, BUT, I do feel a difference, now that I have actual moves I can work on. Husband and I are great fans and we are definitely looking into the patreon options 💖.

  15. Need a form breakdown with AB

  16. Matthew says:

    Holy cow dude you look great! How many pounds have you lost? Truly inspiring me to keep losing weight!

  17. Paul Compton says:

    Man, you took your graphics to a whole…novuh…level..

  18. I have been playing casually for about 2.5 years and always struggled with BH. I would only FH because BH always felt unnatural and yeilded horrible results. I told myself no more putting it off and really started to work on it after watching your last video about grip. after just doing some fieldwork in my yard for an hour or so, i have to say these videos have helped me so much. breaking it down in simple steps is making a huge difference. after an hour im already getting pretty clean releases and consistantly getting over 200ft with my putters, which was unheard of before. Thank you!!

  19. Erik Green says:

    Those commercials!!! Haha, finding the common ground with Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Gaming is key for all sports 😉

  20. SixSided says:

    Is it possible this happens naturally for some people? I usually keep my arm 100 percent relaxed and it looks like in the slow motion my completely relaxed arm naturally goes elbow first. Just asking so I know if I need to work on adding some muscle to get the most out of the levers

  21. Kjell Valge says:


  22. Aceland7 says:

    Great videos, thanks for making these!

  23. Mikey, you're ridiculous in the best possible way!

  24. Joe Handsome says:

    Just started getting back into disc golf, last month, after about a 10 year break, just to give my wife and I a fun way to get some extra steps in throughout the week. I've been checking out all sorts of form videos, and found a lot of the information from Overthrow to be incredibly helpful. Finally got over 300ft on both backhand and forehand(not consistent yet, but working on it). I can finally go under par at my local course(it's very beginner friendly), which I couldn't do 10 years ago. My wife is also getting a lot of pars and birdies, too.

    Thanks, guys.

  25. Question…your left arm seems to go down behind your hip… I tell my guys to make sure the left arm(RHBH) is slightly in front of left hip…ive always thought behind the hip its more of a brake…im i wrong?😅🙈

  26. Don Oriti says:

    At the risk of sounding too much like Dave Dunipace, I would also say that reaching back with a bent elbow helps as well. If you look at Calvin, Seppo Paju, Ricky, and even Simon, they don't reach back with a locked-out elbow. It doesn't affect distance since, as pointed out the video, the throw is primarily from the swinging out of the forearm from the power pocket. Having the elbow bent in the reach back helps the elbow "float" into the power pocket more easily before exploding out with the forearm since you're not having to extend the arm out then bending the elbow again (IMO, of course). For an "extreme" example of this, check out Emerson Keith: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25m7kKa0fBE

  27. miggy says:

    Woah ANOTHER VIDEO you guys are crushing the YouTube GAME ❤❤🎉🎉🎉❤❤❤❤❤🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉❤❤❤❤❤

  28. Mike Strout says:

    You are killing me with the lack of shoulder rotation going into the hit. 😵As you demonstrate in slow motion, you always stop your shoulders in line with the direction of the throw, demonstrating "arming" the disc through the hit. If you look at Simon's shoulders at 3:34, they are open at least 30 degrees (just like his hips) at the point of release. As someone who "armed" his discs for too many years and have worked hard to re-learn, throwing easy is so much about shoulder rotation.

  29. The thumbnail looks like an album cover for a 90s boy band…. so please release your next single.

  30. Ian Moffatt says:

    Josh out here blue shifting frisbees; love to see it!

  31. Shoulder direction should be on-target at the release correct? I think my main issue is rushing through this too quickly and over-rotating at times which leads to more of a pull than a straight shot. Maybe some clarity on that would be great.

  32. Mike HC says:

    amazing job on the weight loss brother!

  33. Okie Tradez says:

    for me if i dont twist while doing arm drill i cant get the in and out snap…

  34. Chill Okapi says:

    Dude – how much weight have you lost!? You are looking svelte!

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