Thomas & Cantlay vs Fleetwood & Hovland | Extended Highlights | 2020 Ryder Cup

Extended highlights from the last four-ball match on Friday at Whistling Straits between the USA’s Justin Thomas and Patrick Cantlay and Europe’s Tommy Fleetwood and Viktor Hovland. This up and down match would go all the way to the final hole.

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Every two years, 24 of the best players from Europe and the United States go head-to-head in match play competition. Drama, tension, incredible golf, camaraderie and sportsmanship are served in equal measure, captivating an audience of millions around the world. It’s an event that transcends sport, yet remains true to the spirit of its founder, Samuel Ryder.

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26 Replies to “Thomas & Cantlay vs Fleetwood & Hovland | Extended Highlights | 2020 Ryder Cup”

  1. NJcinemaHD says:

    Back when cantlay didnt have this bad image from playing too slow^^

  2. Cantlay is unbearable

  3. litchfiedr says:

    Jt built for moments like this.. then leaves it 6 ft short . 😂😂

  4. Hero Golf says:

    Go to 55:55 Jt and cantley, and Hovland all cross there's leg and golf pose at the exact same time. At first I saw US donut first then went back and saw Hovland. Take a look

  5. Thanks for sharing and all the work that goes into it 🙂

  6. Mightymole says:

    Why do you commentators in the announcing booth whisper stupid on every tournament they whisper and they are hundreds of feet away

  7. Scott Rolph says:

    This is almost all putting. Please show more clips of full shots going forward! For an exciting match this was a snooze fest recap.

  8. shay stern says:

    too many drunken morons yelling

  9. The Americans really do not understand sportsmanship. Probably because they are so thick in the head.

  10. Steve Gee says:

    What a crape highlight package,it took 8 mins to play 1st,then its a putting highlight reel,pathetic,most golfers like to see shots,good or bad,not players taking forever to putt out,obviously the guy doing the highlights isn't a golfer

  11. Wilson Stagg says:

    Why is he not wearing a hat. I never thought how bad it looks without a hat when you play golf

  12. What is wrong with american crowd last 5 years…its not basketball game, and some words are not even for any ocasion…getting worse

  13. Viktor is absolutely packing a 15 inch mongolian chorizo 0:10 what the actual

  14. CCTS87 says:

    Am I the only one annoyed by the crowd?? They sound like they're watching UFC

  15. Trill_Tre says:

    0:59 whooa.. whooaa🤣

  16. Eden shaw says:

    shit Ryder cup no European fans

  17. jim gavin says:

    The American commentators would make you vomit.

  18. jim gavin says:

    Videos all over the place…

  19. Alex says:

    Let’s go Jt!

  20. Please drop the full video of Scottie vs Rahm please !!

  21. Just go to 35:11 save you some time

  22. Tommy criminally underrated.

  23. Videos would be better if they cut out all the walking round the hole and practise strokes and just showed all the shots

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