2021 Winter Siege at Pineway | Round 1 Front 9 | Keegan, Nelson, Redalen, Love

Hello PNW Disc Golf fans, thank you for tuning in to our first production of the 2021 season. This is some coverage from the 2021 Winter Siege at Pineway held at Pineway Golf Course in Lebanon Oregon. This is a temporary set up only allowed for this tournament so thanks to the folks over at Pineway Golf Course for allowing us to come out and chuck some frisbees.

PDGA Event Page – https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/48110#MPO

Huge shoutout to Tanner Labelle over at Utility Disc Golf for helping me get some drone coverage of this awesome course for you guys. Go check out his channel with the link below.


Tournament Directors:
– Dustin Keegan
– Bryan Peterson

– Dustin Keegan
– Chris Nelson
– Cole Redalen
– Ty Love

– Scott Withers
– Jeff Korns

– Resistance Discs
– Oregon Sports and Family Chiropractic
– Utility Disc Golf
– Upper Park Disc Golf
– CH SPORTS Patreon Support Team

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13 Replies to “2021 Winter Siege at Pineway | Round 1 Front 9 | Keegan, Nelson, Redalen, Love”

  1. Nice coverage… I was looking for footage of Ty Love after DDO…Thanks for this!

  2. Gail Muller says:

    Guys im trying to pursue my dream of becoming a disc golf player where can I sign up for first time league player please let me know

  3. I can see in Cole’s form that heavily tries to replicates PMcB’s form

  4. Thanks for the coverage! it would be nice to have some of the original sound, though. Hearing the chains, the cage or the band being hit really adds to the athmosphere.

  5. Just discovered CH Sports. 2 suggestions, please add first names on the scorecard, as you keep referencing to first names for players most don't know, and please zoom in faster after the tee shots, for the sake of those watching on mobile. Thanks. Great to see a new media team.

  6. TheMan Angel says:

    On hole five at 17:14 when he putts his foot hits the ground before the disc leaves his hand isn't that a foot fault?

  7. you telling me 5-6 guys cant pick a cart up and move it 6 ft?

  8. Great video, I love the new graphics! Keep up the great work, it keeps getting better!

  9. Like the coverage but if you don’t put their first name on the scorecard for the viewers don’t use it…hard to keep names together if you are a newer player

  10. Paul Compton says:

    Umm, get some people around that golf cart and carry it back a bit!

  11. Ty putts the Swan

  12. xAmboSx says:

    Thanks fo sharing !

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