New Morning Routine Just Dropped | TMG – Episode 290

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What’s up, slots? On this drunk episode of TMG the guys react to an outrageous anti-aging routine. Plus, a huge Vegas payout and the story of a prince’s $20 million birthday bender.

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0:00 Demonetized
0:25 Intro
1:31 Cu.t point
1:55 The DUI Guys
3:20 Spoilers
5:12 Noel’s Special Special
6:51 So Gambling?
8:01 Professional Gambling Addiction
12:24 BetterHelp
13:54 We Won’t Disclose
16:24 Fast Slots Strategy
19:02 Hand Pay Pleasure
20:06 Cody Trains for $5 Mil
21:55 King of Saudi
22:43 Book Algo
23:58 SeatGeek
25:39 The Reading Routine
26:54 Birthday Bender
29:01 Flexing on Elon
31:51 Normal and Loaded
34:39 Starbucks Ready to Drink Coffee
35:49 A Very Special Guy
38:01 Reverse Aging
41:21 Level 5 Thinking
43:11 Turning into Iodine
46:01 The Fifth Level
47:10 The McDonald’s App
48:30 Beats By Cocomelon
51:44 Billionaire Obsessions
52:30 Glacial Party
54:19 Aging Normally
55:40 A Poop Test
1:01:45 Addicted to Autonomous
1:03:00 Routine Guy Leveled Up
1:04:35 Reversing Back to Sperm
1:05:16 Light Teasing
1:05:54 Is This Poop?
1:07:10 BoneZone Teaser
1:07:32 Thanks McDonalds!


30 Replies to “New Morning Routine Just Dropped | TMG – Episode 290”

  1. Yeah I usually skip the gambling yeah, y'all wack for that

  2. cm says:

    I hate gambling so much. Such a degenerate activity

  3. Rach :l says:

    got into a collision while listening to this episode 🙌

  4. 34:57 codys head moves really fast, what a smooth jump cut

  5. Shark Doge says:

    Don't fuck with me, Bryan Johnson looks like he took the super-soldier serum being 55 years old

  6. Logan Praz says:

    48:24 McDonald’s app is actually a god send sick sponsor

  7. Caelan Murie says:

    I fucking loved the ending of Beef

  8. Rod Munch says:

    I did find it annoying how on 3 separate occasions, 3 different major characters almost died. Other than that and the atrocious pacing in the first 25 minutes, it was great

  9. You guys should have Leon Hendrix on your show – he's awesome, great content and good guy!

  10. Leon Hendrix says:

    Poop test 👁👄👁

    Thanks for reacting gentlemen lol

  11. DonyWahlberg says:

    The poop test bit is a TMG all timer guys, I am crying I can barely type this

  12. Anita says:

    Nicely placed Better Help ad

  13. Jack Doane says:

    We need Kody to stop talking about running and Noel to start talking about Racing again.

  14. Brynn Cannon says:

    Can’t wait for episode 300 wow

  15. Bruh that slow age guy is gonna be like a fucking cyberpunk villain in 20 years

  16. estate says:

    Poop test results – stank🔥

  17. Can someone help me find the podcast video where Noel calls someone “jar head” while unknowingly trying to go to the gym on a military base?

  18. AarynSimone says:

    Am I missing an 8 ball special for last month?

  19. bubb haha says:

    Got my dookie examination done, doctor confirmed that it is dookie

  20. Was not ready for how hard that beat was

  21. It is MCG (micrograms)

  22. Belle Belle says:

    I listen to this podcast while eating dinner with my family at the table. Please refrain from poop talk and tests

  23. gaming grape says:

    Sports gambling has never been illegal in the uk you just need to be 18

  24. Mc_Tamim 11 says:

    Mbs is not the king of Saudi Arabia the king is his father

  25. i love how cody and noel always have their own stuff goin on but always find time for the pod 🫶🏻 it’s giving “catching up with my bestie”

  26. Mr. Dr0boT says:

    I like seeing billionaires spending money to make themselves look like mutated aliens.

  27. CullenFelix says:

    Cash is fucken hilarious

  28. Cnizzle says:

    “poop test” gotta be added to the sound board now !!

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