2023 Discraft Ledgestone Open | FPO FINALB9 | Gannon, Scoggins, Hansen, Veladaiz | Jomez Disc Golf

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Thank you for watching JomezPro Disc Golf tournament coverage of the FPO lead cards final round at the 2023 Discraft Ledgestone Open.

Card: Missy Gannon, Ohn Scoggins, Ella Hansen, Macie Veladiaz
Course: Northwood Park – Black | Morton, IL
2HotGeese: Madison Walker, Erika Stinchcomb

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20 Replies to “2023 Discraft Ledgestone Open | FPO FINALB9 | Gannon, Scoggins, Hansen, Veladaiz | Jomez Disc Golf”

  1. JomezPro says:

    We’re happy to make Jomez available without ad breaks on DGN! ➼https://discgolfnetwork.link/2oxLNS For all our YouTube viewers–nothing is changing, we will be posting coverage on YouTube per usual. If you’d like to try out the ad-free experience on DGN, Jomez fans can try it for FREE by selecting a monthly subscription and using code “JOMEZ” at checkout.

  2. K Merch says:

    new stat for sure… SHOTS GAINED FROM GROUND PLAY!!!
    also, when is the next 2 hot geese practice round??? <3

  3. I love Kristin Tattar but I’ll admit I be crushing on Scoggins ngl

  4. James Rowe says:

    wow, what a great looking trophy! I bet Ohn would trade her boat oar that she won last week for one just Missy's!

  5. J.A. Smith says:

    Great coverage and commentary! Thanks, Honk!

  6. Honk , Wouldn't be the same without you and great to be on team Jomez 🤘🖖🤙

  7. Joe Smith says:

    what that dude doing out there

  8. Could somebody please enlighten me with the meaning and spelling of shool/shule?

  9. Robert Silva says:

    I was noticing the logo on Missy Gannon’s shirt. It looks exactly like the logo on my British antique car , the MG midget rmade by Morris Garage.
    Maybe they should sponsor her! Google it check out the logo and see what you think.

  10. Do the ladies not have access to the graphics on the screen? Sometimes the discs they call are different than what the screen says the competitors are throwing…..

  11. Bro Heme says:

    Why was Ryan allowed to play FPO at an ES tournament?

  12. B Dizzle says:

    Big ups to the 2HG! Honk.

  13. Erik Green says:

    Perhaps Macie should throw her Tour Series SuperSoft Justice for more flex approaches? Keeps going long on the groundplay! 😛

  14. Erik Green says:

    Small graphical errors all over the season especially in FPO, might just be stress to get the coverage out but it feels deeper, whom did the quality control quit?

  15. Brad Fregger says:

    More than enjoy that your back! When your not commentating I suffer from severe depression. You’re by far the best! You’re one of the reasons that FPO is gaining in popularity!

  16. Nick Hill says:

    Spoiler Shield🛡

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