2023 Discraft Ledgestone Open | R2, B9 | Hammes, Redalen, Lizotte, Everson | Gatekeeper Media

Welcome to the 2023 Discraft Ledgestone Open in Peoria, IL. This is a Disc Golf Pro Tour Elite Plus event being held from Aug 3rd – Aug 6th, 2023. Competitors will play 4 rounds splitting between Eureka Temp Course and Northwood Black. The end of the DGPT season is near so every point counts towards qualifying for the DGPT Championship.

Round 2 Chase Card:
Adam Hammes
Cole Redalen
Garett Everson
Simon Lizotte

Thumbnail Photos by: DGPT (Kevin Huver)

Music by:

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00:00 INTRO
02:04 HOLE 10
04:34 HOLE 11
08:47 HOLE 12
15:03 HOLE 13
19:36 HOLE 14
25:30 HOLE 15
31:08 HOLE 16
33:33 HOLE 17
36:26 HOLE 18
40:51 OUTRO

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22 Replies to “2023 Discraft Ledgestone Open | R2, B9 | Hammes, Redalen, Lizotte, Everson | Gatekeeper Media”

  1. Ricky Wisockily 😆

  2. Watching this coverage after playing the course for am worlds is sick. These Guys are good!! 💪

  3. lkjsdf1 says:

    Kinda surprised when they didn't cut away from Geve's throws 🤣

  4. Y’all I’m really hoping that my 18 goes good tomorrow. These rounds are too good to not inspire some good scores on the weekend greens.

  5. Cole's throws are sooo buttery and effortless. That poor disc when he throws hard..

  6. CAB says:

    Those baskets SUCK!!!

  7. Funk Gremlin says:

    Imagine being seen as a distance/golf course player then go 3 clear of all the best players in the world on one of the hardest courses on the planet

  8. david Clark says:

    Simon with 3 bogeys and is still on lead card for round 3, how CLUTCH!

  9. Proctor imposter in the background at 9:10 and 9:50

  10. deadthemore says:

    Hard to watch and root for a guy as unhinged as Adam Hammes. Be calm- if not for yourself, for the sake of your cardmates and the baskets. Jeez

  11. Eedetzz says:

    This course is so special brings out all the emotions from different players

  12. Simon, you’re so fun to watch dude!

  13. Its almost like people don't remember Eagle hurting himself when he got emotional and smashed the ground. Having psychological control during play is clearly underrated. Calvin's stoic approach is a big part of why he is such a dominant player. Adam has some pretty bad rage moments and rarely does that ever help him in the end. A sports psychologist would make for an amazing caddy is all I'm saying.

  14. Ben Aussem says:

    Lets go simoooon!

  15. 4DWyn says:

    This is the brand of disc golf i love watching. Simon with some ridiculous putts. Cole's on fire. Great round, great coverage, great commentary

  16. pactme says:

    🎶Hammes the beer refreshing, Hammes the beer refreshing 🎶

  17. Adam consistently acts like a 12 year old that just got beat up for his lunch money. Feel sorry for the guys on his card that must endure his lack of self control. Simon makes a bad shot – laughs and makes jokes. Adam makes a bad shot – spits, cusses, pulls the basket out of the ground, and bludgeons his card mates with it. Maybe Adam just needs $10M to calm his nerves a little.

  18. Kreepy Kraut says:

    Top! Thanks a lot!

  19. Dazzanw says:

    Typical Interneter comments, weird bruh! Cole killed it s/o PNW, Simon people’s champ, Garrett is a gamer (we’ll see him again) Adam battled and made something out of….what would taken others out of tourney. Horrible spit outs, look like Shxtty prodigy baskets?! He’s super fun to watch, especially in real life, no don’t chill out keep playing like you! Disc golf needs passionate players too many passive interneters on my course, just like in these comments! Bunch of timmys!

  20. ODoyle Rules says:

    Great coverage guys. Commentary is on point, giving good insights into the shots and course. Cole ripped it up that was a great round for him. The others seemed to struggle a bit but the course looks pretty tough. Thanks again.

  21. Adam seems to be aging faster than the others.

  22. WA5D says:

    Keep making videos!

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