Family Guy Darkest Humor Compilation Not For Snowflakes #130

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Family Guy Darkest Humor Compilation Not For Snowflakes #130

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33 Replies to “Family Guy Darkest Humor Compilation Not For Snowflakes #130”

  1. 17:14 I'd never thought they'd put a reference to big mouth
    22:03 aye the big 3

  2. Deon Taylor says:

    Do you ever think about half of the stuff that comes out of your mouth? It makes no sense at all

  3. Joshua Huq says:

    19:37 This type of shamelessness is why Family Guy deserves to be cancelled!!

  4. Rick Carchia says:

    That's pretty funny. Blasphemous HD has never seen silence of the lambs. Hannibal lecter Good movie

  5. "I love Weird Al Yankovic!" Glad he is a fan!

  6. I was once in a hospital and a patient asked for me to pull the plug. I did and the doctor asked what happened and I told him. He then agreed with me, the fan across the room was blowing cold air and needed to be turned off.

  7. A. Grimes says:

    Fun Fact: Chris Hansen originally got his start as a news reporter at the local NBC affiliate, WILX TV–10.

  8. OH COME ON! How do you NOT know Silence of the Lambs? It's one of the most iconic movies of the 90s.

  9. Zorls says:

    What's funny about that trump joke is that literally every biden fan is like that 😂😂

  10. YoReese says:

    20:10 the slient car ride😂

  11. There's context for Stewie being with Quagmire in Paris, it's actually wholesome. Stewie was playing hide and seek with Brian and he hid in Quagmire's suitcase, and he ended up getting taken to Paris, when Quagmire found him, he immediately called Lois and Peter, but, Lois was more concerned with getting more likes than Bonnie and she figured Stewie was safe with Quagmire. They actually started to bond and Quagmire started calling Stewie his travel buddy. It's MUCH more wholesome than you think.

  12. Does anybody remember the episode where Meg was being a foot model and Chris showed Lois and Peter and Peter saw a video of them doing it online now we know who posted it Chris😂

  13. NCR Ranger says:

    14:00 Far Cry 5 be like:

  14. 15:30 what’s the name of that song?

  15. This is absolutely perfect to watch on my 20th birthday 😂😂🎂

  16. To me, saying Quagmire having sex with Stewie is underminding that the show being almost 20 years old, also makes him that age while he and everyone else has fully white teeth, it’s more like Seth Macfarlen has yet to say that Stewie has Dwarvism which is a disease that prevents the body from becoming taller early in life

  17. Trayvon King says:

    You need to do a episode of wildin out 😢😢

  18. 19:18 I remember this scene 😂

  19. Simply Mark says:

    20:29 they aren't, it's just really badly timed

  20. 2:38 Blastphamous face 😂😂

  21. UK rag3 says:

    Love your videos man do a try not to get scared challenge again

  22. Sabih Rashid says:

    Man really just casually talking about watching baby animal snuff films.

  23. imapotato says:

    No correction that's just his face😂

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