2023 European Open | FPO R3B9 | Tattar, Blomroos, Gannon, Allen | Jomez Disc Golf

Thank you for watching JomezPro Disc Golf tournament coverage of the FPO lead cards third round at the 2023 European Open.

Card: Kristin Tattar, Henna Blomroos, Missy Gannon, Catrina Allen
Course: Nokia Diskgolfpark | Nokia, Finland
Commentary: Lykke Lorentzen & Sarah Hokom

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00:00 Start
00:40 UDisc Leaderboard Check-in
01:05 HOLE 10
07:00 HOLE 11
10:36 HOLE 12
15:34 HOLE 13
20:20 HOLE 14
23:58 HOLE 15
28:10 HOLE 16
33:50 HOLE 17
37:19 HOLE 18

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7 Replies to “2023 European Open | FPO R3B9 | Tattar, Blomroos, Gannon, Allen | Jomez Disc Golf”

  1. Josh Jackson says:

    I wonder if I be this good if I bag only blue and white disc🤣 or maybe it's the straddle spinner

  2. triplespace says:

    It's surprising to me how no one goes for the hyzer shot on the tee of 18. Every time I see the tee pad, I'm just staring at the trees in the distance. Seems to be a safer play as well.

  3. Gekayshaman says:

    Why are they guessing what the discs are off the Tee? Hole 10, they're guessing Missy is throwing a fairway, but it says it's a Force. When Erika and Madison commentate, Madison also guesses what disc it is but Erika has corrected her before saying it says right on the screen, so it's not like they add the graphics in afterwards.

  4. So glad JoMez sold out! Now we get 3 week old coverage vs. next day …what an improvement!

  5. Infinite GTO says:

    Didn't this happen like 3 weeks ago?

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