Devils GM Tom Fitzgerald Spills All The Secrets To New Jersey's Success – Episode 456

On Episode 456 of Spittin’ Chiclets, the boys are joined by New Jersey Devils GM Tom Fitzgerald. Tom joined (00:52:06) the show to discuss his NHL career, his management career, the Devils and tons more. But first, Colby and Whit open the pod breaking down all things Pittsburgh and Erik Karlsson. Was it the right move for the Penguins? Can they content for a Cup? The boys break it down. The guys wrap up the pod discussing Grinnelli’s golf swing and if he’s actually as good as he says he is.

Intro – 00:00:00
Erik Karlsson trade – 00:28:49
Tom Wilson – 00:45:08
Interview Start –
Golf Talk – 01:47:35

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21 Replies to “Devils GM Tom Fitzgerald Spills All The Secrets To New Jersey's Success – Episode 456”

  1. "Dubas is here, we're winning now" 💀🥲

  2. Mike Searcy says:

    When they were asking if he knew who Pascha was, I was hoping Pascha would show up behind Fitzy and ask him of he wants a drink or something.

  3. Slapshot1983 says:

    The timestamp tag says tom wilson and i was waiting for them to talk abt tom wilson for 10 mins before i realized

  4. Brady says:

    Easton makes a lot of baseball/softball still

  5. G is a joke lol a miner for ‘best ever’

  6. Hey Fitz trade Palat for Petry they need offense we need defense those who think we don’t we lost graves and Severson Luke Hughes needs to go to AHL

  7. C White says:

    What happened to RA?

  8. laruelucky says:

    Any word on RA? Hope he’s good.

  9. oweifh tuvj9 says:

    What happened to RA? Who is RA?

  10. Zach W says:

    In Fitz we trust! LFG DEVS

  11. SKODEN says:

    Army is a legend!

  12. All time 3 way trade from the Pens Sharks and Habs

  13. Alexxx says:

    Nobody came here to listen to grinelli talk about hockey, let alone golf. Stay behind the camera.

  14. TYBO4696 says:

    Really Grinelli!? Look at your bruins lol. Pens have a much better chance to make a run than the bruins.

  15. SPIDEYSENSEE says:

    3 way at the boochie 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  16. Start the only ankles whit! I’ll pay 💰

  17. XMOHAWKX98 says:

    Did G just have the worst take of Chiclets history? Also calling Letang a walmart version of EK65!? Wtf! Letang is better then any Dman on you bruins. Letang has had better numbers then Karlsson in the last 5 years before his Norris year. Get Fucked G! Your drunk. Also we got Graves and D too.

  18. zenSNTL says:

    Army’s text to Desmith about signing his dads golf bag made my week.

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